Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The 90s revisited

As I am bit under siege at the minute, it is with great pleasure I welcome a guest writer:

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Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it: George Santayana

The 90’s were horrible for Celtic, we could do nothing to win the
league and had to watch as Rangers constantly did.

They had money, we had none, they had a board that got money from
everywhere, we had “custodians”. We had 2 of the best midfielders in
Britain, we had a shit team surrounding them and no leadership to
build a team around them I’d love to know what Paul McStay and John
Collins thought of their time at Celtic, watching trophy after trophy
head to Govan.

In 1989 Rangers started buying their league titles. I started going to
the games in 91, Big Billy got sacked and Liam Brady got brought in to
hopefully be as good a manager as he was a player. Money got spent
(Tony Cascarino and Gary Gillespie), but the same outcome transpired,
another title to Govan.
We finished third in 1992, the huns got horsed in Europe and to be
honest, that was regularly our highlight: from the giants of Juventus
to nonentities like Levski Sofia and everyone inbetween would
regularly wipe the smile from Jim White’s face and that was about it
since our euro endeavours (in the years that we actually qualified for
Europe) would be a scraped win against someone like Cologne, then a
gubbing from someone like Dortmund.

We would continue to buy workmanlike players and the huns would
continually spend more than us, not buying any world beaters, but
always folks that were better than what we had. When the huns were
winning the league we never finished 2nd until 95-96.
These were truly awful times and with each passing game, they got
closer to equalling 9IAR, this was a horrifying thought for us, but it
basically seemed that we could do fuck all about it. Even in Tommy
Burns’s teams, when we were challenging, beating the huns still seemed
like a bridge too far.
When we had a midfield of Collins and McStay, we finished 2nd ONCE,
that was pathetic, two of the most gifted midfielders of a generation
WASTED because we could not compete.
They could always spend more money than us and always had the beating
of us, they just KEPT winning...

In 2009 the huns started winning the league again and are on their way
to 4IAR again, we can laugh all we want at their tax problems and
their untested naive manager, but you know what, they went out and
bought Jelavic when they needed to and he won them the league last

The thing that’s different about this 3iar and the 1991 3iar team, we
CAN compete with them, our finances are a damn sight better than
theirs, we have better players and we CAN get this sorted out and get
the league back.

They spend 4mil on Jelavic, we should be out spending on some quality
players because you can be sure this time that when we buy a Sutton,
they will NOT buy a Flo again. We have a real chance to really make
things shitty for them. When we had no money, they didn’t give a shit,
they kept doing more than enough to win the league and they loved it,
and that’s where we should be going. We’ve a real chance to change
this, but it will take better men than “Custodians” to see the future
and grab it.

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