Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Will the alarm go off in Dingwall?

I've long said that there is a culture of mediocrity at Celtic that is now part of the fabric of the club. It comes from the top where we have men, completely out their depth, egos the size of the Grand Canyon, making decisions that Basil Fawlty would find outrageous. This leads to the management level of staff being weak as said men do not want people beneath them capable of saying "What the fuck are you doing?"

Right across the board at Celtic, and in it as well, we have men who should not be anywhere near the running of our club, another, Ian Bankier, is coming in soon, a man who saw millions ploughed into The Huns in the 90s. I've said plenty about the others but our own football team manager is in the firing line.

As we head up to Dingwall, Celtic must win this game because if we don't, all hell will break loose. Although I did not want him in the job, I've supported Neil Lennon throughout his tenure, particularly when people were trying to murder him, but he needs to look at himself now and say "Am I working for the board or the supporters?" So far, it's been the board. Putting his name to stupid club statements, accepting players but not personally scouting them and not challenging the board to make more finance available has left our manager in a position where it is all on him.

We Celtic supporters want a good victory today so we can get the whole show on the road again, anything less, and the alarm bells will ring.

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