Friday, September 2, 2011

When songs become weapons

As a 37 year old duffer, I've come to realise that I am no longer an angry young man. So the first rule of that is, don't tell folk younger than you what to do or how to behave. It's easy when you get a bit older to sit pontificating that folk should not do what you did. They're going to do it and learn from any mistakes you hope. That's the way it works.

I just read the latest edition of TAL Fanzine

and in it were articles aimed at points and blogs Phil Mac Giolla Bhain has made recently.After reading I then entered into a great debate with @harper1888 @williekeane and @grahamdwilson on Twitter about it. Through the debate, it occured to me that after that verdict on Wednesday, if I was an angry young man still, I'd be going to Tynecastle on October 2nd pumped up and ready for anything. I'm not though. So I can't sit here and say others should not. There are some good points about the songs and Anti-Irish Racism in TAL(Anti Irish Racism being Scotland's Shame and the root case of all the problems) and although there are clearly some issues regarding TAL and Phil, that will hopefully now be put to bed, it is good to see arguments articulated so well as they were in TAL.

This is crucial I think. Simply because I've met thousands of articulate Republicans over the years but rarely so you see that side of the debate put forward. I hope that the debate won't end with that.

Similarly, despite being a 37 year old duffer, I'd still be raging going to Tynecastle on October 2nd.

"When being just a lad like you..."

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