Friday, September 23, 2011

Is Pre-Season to blame?

As we move towards Autumn in the season, two things stand out for me more than anything.

We aren't fit enough.

We have had far too many injuries.

What is this down to? My own theory is that we completely messed up pre-season and it is coming back to haunt us. I'm sure the fans in Australia loved all the access to the players they got and these things must be done more often, but at the expense of a proper pre-season? Are you kidding me?

The types of injuries we are getting are all consistent with a lack of fitness, any coach will tell you that, and as we approach October we have had 15 players already have missed games because of injury. 15 players injured at their fittest part of the season? I believe this is playing a factor in us not winning games that we go a goal down in. We simply do not have the stamina to do it just now, see the pathetic attempt to come back v St Johnstone or the total collapses in Sion and at Ibrox for clues.

Are we training hard enough? Are players looking after themselves properly? I don't know. I do know that one player came to the club last season as a tee-totaller totally dedicated to his football and now spends half his life in pubs and clubs. People say players should be able to do what they want in their own time, I say players who wanted to get pished all the time are like Wall St guys who march for Socialism in their spare time.

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