Friday, September 16, 2011

If only Bill Hicks had stayed

You'll see that my profile photo is that of the late, great Bill Hicks at Celtic Park. He went there in 1992. Bill was the best kind, the only kind of comedian. He was fearless, he didn't care what people thought of him and he would not be silenced.

A climate of failure has engulfed Celtic. I know supporters don't like hearing that, I certainly don't, but it's a fact and we have been duped into believing that where we are now is where we should be anyway. Let's stop all the nonsense that this means I am saying we should be competing with Man Utd and Barcelona. Too many Lawwell Lackeys trot this message out in the same way that Internet Accountants tell you if we spent a few bob on players we'd end up like Leeds Utd.

Take two teams in the last year, Sion and Utrecht, can anyone give me a single argument as to why we should not be beating these teams? Our turnover is far greater than both, our support simply dwarves theirs and they'd probably have a seizure if they had to pay our wage bill.

Yet both teams comfortably beat us in the last year. Any alarm bells yet?

Of course we have all watched in glee as Rangers have stumbled from one crisis to another and yet no one, no one ever says "Hey, if they are so bad, how come we never win anything?", because we are all too busy laughing at Peter Lawwell's staged and horribly wooden joke at their expense.

It was only eight years ago we went to Seville, it was only seven years ago we knocked out Barcelona, it was only five years ago we beat Man Utd, it was only four years ago we beat AC Milan. Yet most would have you believe losing 2-0 in Madrid last night was a decent result.

We're still Celtic and not having the money to compete with Man Utd regularly is absolutely no excuse for our pathetic input into youth development in terms of finance and our absolute joke of a scouting system. That's before we even get into the reasons why we haven't won a league since 2008.

Don't accept this garbage, because you deserve far more. Don't accept being told that "There's nothing we can do", there is, it's just they choose not to.

Bill Hicks often spoke "Demons sent to lower our expectations of standards"


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