Sunday, September 4, 2011

A chance to show you care Peter

They say you're better being lucky than being good. Celtic must feel like that after UEFA reinstated us back into Europe. I'm not 100% convinced we will get back in but if we do, the club has an extraordinary chance to thank the supporters for their incredible backing. I've heard some horrible stories that Celtic were looking at circa £85 for the three Europa games or £31 individually and that would be a nasty slap in the face to all supporters and would lead to thousands of unsold tickets and a certain early exit from the competition.

I know how these things work. They tally up all the Direct Debits and see what they can get guaranteed. However, this is not a time for profit Peter.

The club must be sensible here and put in place an affordable pricing policy for this tournament in line with the current economy and the fact that this is a big bonus. You know all about those Peter.

My proposal would be as follows:

3 game package for season ticket holders-Adults £60, Kids £30.

3 game pacakage for non season ticket holders-Adults £75, Kids £40

This would virtually guarantee all three games being sold out and an atmosphere that has seen us beat far better teams than Athletico M, Udinese or Rennes.

This is a chance for the club, for once, to think people not profits.

What a great ideology that is.

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