Wednesday, August 31, 2011

8 Questions for Peter Lawwell

1) What have you done for the Club in the last three years by way of investment and creativity?

2) It’s fair to say you have balanced the books but can you argue that it hasn't been done against a backdrop of cuts which has ultimately led to a downsizing in all aspects of the Club. We have lowered our calibre of player for the first team year on year; the supporters services have been diminished, the environs of the stadium are not up to scratch. We actually have a full corporate facility which is no longer open, The Captain’s Table in the North Stand. Can you deny this?

3) Turnover is down year on year, ticket sales are down, retail is down and success on the park in the last three years has been unacceptable. What is being done to rectify this?

4) There has been a debacle with the last two managers, one of which you grossly undermined and the other has been appointed with absolutely no credentials to do the job.Are you the right person to pick a manager?

5) We have seen a commercial deal with Nike and since then nothing by way of major investment. The only significant income stream comes from the fans and the ticket and merchandising pricing policy is not line with the current economic situation being faced by millions of people. We charge EPL prices for a vastly inferior product. What is being done to rectify this?

6) We spend far too much of our income on player salaries and have failed to produce emerging talent which has been good enough to establish themselves in the first team, what is being done to rectify this?

7) Last season we balanced the books by selling Aiden McGeady. What happens when there is no McGeady type sale? A transfer window like this?

8) In times of such austerity how do you square taking circa. £1.m a year from the Club for delivering all of the above, which is more than probably 90% of the first team playing squad. It seems there is no money for the essentials but there is money for you to do what on the face of it is a pretty poor job. Unless your job is to ensure that the major shareholder reaps a dividend every year, is it?

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