Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Voices of Celtic

A growing community within the Celtic Family is the more and more people who are doing their own podcasts and radio shows. There are loads out there now so apologies to anyone I haven't listened to yet. The obvious start is the LostBhoys( With 48,000 downloads a month, a lot of the voices will be as familiar to you as your own family. Anchored expertly by Chris McGuigan, you can find lots of fantastic guests on here as well as various rants mostly from Jamie who is relatively new to the Celtic Family and I have to admit he has driven me nuts at times with some of his opinions but I've realised in the last few weeks that I am kindae warming to him, guilty pleasure probably.

Another huge favourite of mine is the Celtic Underground podcast (, Eddie Pearson has a unique style that moaning faced bassas like myself instantly relate to. I also love the fact that he never gets caught on the hop when the interviewee changes subject quickly. Another that has great guests but I actually enjoy it more when the likes of Harry Brady and Michael Dolan are on. Like Jamie from LostBhoys, I always like a non Scottish voice talking Celtic with passion.

Beyond The Waves is a recent addition to our airwaves. Based in North America and hosted by Graham Wilson, it's a phone in show with lots of opinions and some of the best impressions since, eh, Mike Yarwood. The Rev and Jim McGuigan are regulars on here and it can be heard through Spreaker format, normally about 6pm CPT on a Saturday.

The HomeBhoys are also on the same format, with Harper and Joe hosting. Anyone on Twitter will know these guys and they are a bit like Stuart Cosgrove and Tam Cowan. Except funny.

Finally there is OAO with Housey. If you like a wee bit madness mixed in with a few rebels and some superb banter, this is your show. His pre match shows from hotels are particularly legendary and towards the end of the season, they were a much needed pick me up.

The point here of course is, like the bloggers who have battered Old Media into submission, these guys are controlling our airwaves more and more and like I always say, don't hate the media, become them.

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