Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hack Off

Hacking has been the biggest story around for a while now. On Saturday we had a little taste of it here, computer style. We launched our new book last Tuesday to everyone and due to the nature of downloads now, people were commenting on it almost immdediately. We are never going to win a Pulitzer Prize but the comments were nice and sales were steady. When you're promoting a book like this, especially for a cause like the Thai Tims, you need to bang the drum constantly but at the same time not go overboard. So on Saturday evening I was just relaxing in front of the box when Graham Wilson in America contacted me to say had just downloaded the book and there was chinese writing all over it. I was dumbfounded and he at first thought there was a problem with his i-pad. A couple of minutes later I realised it wasn't his i-pad. A few emails, calls and tweets later made it clear, we had been hacked.

Quite simply someone had managed to penetrate the books security, probably on Thursday evening and write some incredibly vile stuff about The Thai Tims. So from Saturday night til Monday afternoon we had to work constantly with the publisher in terms of the security as we try and get the word out to as many folk as possible about what happened, put up with the humiliation of it and wonder if this whole project would end up costing money which, of course, would be the ultimate disaster.

Sunday wasn't the best of days as you can imagine.

Then, what happened was, The Celtic Family started to find out and far from kicking up hell with us, everyone was understanding, and seething for what had happened, and guys like Phil Mac Giolla Bhain for example were adamant that they would be seeking no refund. That's never going to be our call but that also won't surprise anyone who knows Phil. We also have a new PDF available so just DM me @paullarkin74 if you downloaded one of the corrupted versions and I will email you a new one or if you-reorder a book and are seeking a refund, do the same.

The most important thing for us was to get the show back on the road as this not about our egos, it's about getting The Thai Tims to Celtic Park and no one is going to stop that, plus the book is now back on sale.

"We'll never be mastered...."

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