Wednesday, July 13, 2011

American Green

The pic above is from the last time Celtic visited America, Boston to be precise. No real thought was put into the trip, far less any consideration given to the Bhoys in San Francisco who had organised a convention in the same summer. No, Celtic approached it like they do everything, always the dollars.  Fast forward a year and Celtic completely ignored the Las Vegas Convention, sending no players and claiming the replica, not real mind, Scottish Cup would need to be insured for a small fortune before it would allowed to be taken to Vegas. I think it was Immanuel Kant who said "Bollocks". So here we sit now, on the dawn of a new era. Premium Sports, who used to have the rights to SPL games in North America have decided they don't want it any more. Quite frankly the costs they were charging were killing  a lot of the CSC's anyway. So, after some toing and froing in step Celtic and Channel 67. Now, as Chris McGuigan of the LostBhoys shrewdly pointed out, this was the ideal opporunity for Celtic to get some great PR and give the games to the NAFCSC at cost. As we all know though, Celtic and "great PR" don't go hand in hand and, wothout going into detail, they want money. In all the time I've known about Celtic's involvement in America I've known this, they act like they couldn't care less. They never bring merchandise over, never go near a convention and always rip the fans off with ticket prices. Now in North America no one knows if games will be on in clubs next week. Another great Celtic achievement.

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