Saturday, May 14, 2011

Leading from the front of the bus

This season, has there ever been anything like it? We live in a world now where we are saturated by news, stories are old before you’ve finished them and it makes you immune to the horrible nature of things, It’s how thousands upon thousands of people can die in Japan and no one even talks about it. It’s how OBL can be the world’s most wanted man one minute, yesterdays news the next. In this context it’s part of the reason how our manager can be threatened, attacked, almost murdered and have to put up with almost hourly threats AND ABSOLUTELY NOTHING IS DONE ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Could you imagine it was Billy McNeill getting this in the 80s? No, cause it would never happen then. It’s a new world of division and hate and Scotland is the fucking poster boy for it. Your uber-lefties say this isn’t a real issue, it’s basic tribalism, the old divide and conquer of the working classes. funny, when two guys attacked Neil Lennon in 2003, they were lawyers. I don’t know about you, but nae fucking lawyers grew up beside me. When Donald Findlay was up to his knees in fenian blood in May 1999, was he a working class guy being divided from others? I think not. The silence of the left in Scotland, George Galloway apart, is as bad as the disgraceful Les Gray, spokesman for the Police Federation, it’s as bad as the horrific comments of Jim Jeffries who should be actually be charged with inciting hate along with former Hearts Director Leslie Deans who claimed the “wrong” decision to send off David Obua was why Neil Lennon was attacked (and let’s face it Leslie, the next words out of your mouth are “and deservedly so”).
We are under seige as a community and as a people and our leader is the target. Like all great leaders though he is standing firm, refusing, as Phil Mac Giolla Bhain would say, to sit at the back of the bus.
Wherever you are watching tomorrow, this is a line in the sand moment, we are all Neil Lennon and when Something Inside So Strong is belting out, just remember there are millions singing with you.


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