Saturday, April 2, 2011

Roll up, Roll up!

If there is a finer sight in the world than huns knocking fuck out of each other I haven't seen it. Admittedly verbal, we just heard Jim Traynor and Chick Young go through the radio equivalent of a boxing match in the Copland Road end. As the huns head towards oblivion, propped up only by referees and the laptop loyal, something like this was bound to happen. The gnashing and wailing went on until Chick said the Daily Record were liars(shockeroonie) and Jim Traynor was a "Rangers Puppet". Jim, not to be outdone, hit back saying that was rich coming from "Rangers Cheerleader of the last 20 years". It's like when Loyalists start shooting each other in Belfast,  they always blame the closest to them.

Personally I'd pay a fortune to see two huns knocking fuck out of each other, especially when the SFA won't even let us play games now.

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