Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Dogs in The Street

Know who is behind this hate-filled campaign of attempted murder and carnage, why are no arrests being made? Scum are scum are scum, they'll never change, normal people are supposed to be the ones to act in these situations, where are they? Dogs.

As Scotland dives ever closer to Alabama in the 60s, you have to wonder at what point Celtic are going to act. This blog has long been criticial of Peter Lawwell but his pathetic weasel corporate type statement was his worst act since choking in January 2009. Celtic should be pulling out this league right now. Too many careerists at Celtic are sitting with their thumbs up their arse petrified anything they do or say now will affect their next job. Let them walk a mile in Neil Lennon's shoes. Dogs.

The huns of course are sitting on their arses revelling in this, as long as it keeps up it gives them a chance of winning the league and that's all they care about, who cares if a few Irish Catholics have to die in the process? Dogs.

The SNP must also take a huge share of the blame for this being allowed to fester into the brink of mass killings. Their agenda of "Whae's like us" saw them brush this racial and sectarian hatred under the carpet, only rising above the parapet recently when they saw votes to be gained. Alex Salmond has turned Scotland into a breeding ground of hate by his inaction. Dogs.

We all know what sort of people are behind these bombs. We all know that if they were coming from our Muslim brothers then the police would be kicking down doors as we speak and we all know how you don't need to be Stephen Fucking Hawking to put Loyalist-hun-bomb together and come up with the answer. Dog.

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