Monday, March 28, 2011

Outside it's America

America could be wonderful place if wasn't always ruined by morons. It could do so much good if it didn't constantly pander to the 20% of the country who will never accept an African-American President, hate all Jewish people and spit on immigrants. People who see Rosa Parks as a troublemaker.Every single person in politics in America does things with half and eye on that 20% and it's why a lot of people hate America. In Scotland we have a similar situation which is killing not just Scottish football but society itself and it's time to stop fucking around and hoping that it will all just go away. Every rounded human being knows that the biggest problem in Scotland is the one the establishment want to brush under the carpet. In any society, any group of people will always have it's idiots and Celtic are no different, no one would deny that. However, to equate that with a living, breathing sectarian racist hate machine that manifests itself at will, would be like comparing a bump on the road to Mount Everest.

Here's the thing, there are a big percentage of people in Scotland who will always hate Celtic, Catholics, Irish, Neil Lennon and Kerrygold Butter. That's a fact. No amount of Summits will ever change that. The people who mocked Tommy Burns in Lisbon will never ever listen to reason nor will the 20,000 who lustily sang The "Famine" Song at Hampden the other week. If you're reading this, chances are, you'll know that, if you're reading this and don't, wake the fuck up. We are up against a media who will always pander to their own agenda, take Graham Spiers defending of the banana throwing and racist jeering of the Tartan Army on Sunday, akin to Nick Griffin telling us the BNP are ok really. No one is saying all Scotland fans are racist, far from it, but to dismiss any notion that even some of them are, means you are as bad as the banana thrower.

With New Media sweeping the world and guys like Phil Mac Giolla Bhain, Mince&The Research Department, Huddleboard and Paul at CQN all one click away from naming and shaming,  not to mention Tony Hamilton's forensic study, it may be a brave new world but it's the same old fight. It's just that now, we're sitting at the front of the bus, whether they like it or not.

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