Thursday, February 24, 2011

We don't care what the animals say

The news today that Celtic supporters round the world have raised £20,000 for the Good Child Foundation in just two weeks should act as a wake up call to supporters of other clubs. The amount of derision that Celtic supporters face in Scotland is remarkable considering the feats and achievements of Celtic supporters as a collective. There's always been a campaign to group us in with the huns, a bizarre concept that people really haven't thought through. Then of course we have the media and huns(surely the same thing?Ed) who for years poked fun at the "The Greatest Fans In The World" tag and strangely went silent when UEFA and FIFA named us, er, The Greatest Fans In The World. Opposing fans will always oppose, or Haters gonna Hate as Jay Z would say, but the evidence is stacking up and yet again, when one of our own are taken from us, Celtic supporters act. Billy McNeill always said there is a fairytale aspect of Celtic that can't be put into words. Reamonn Gormley knew that, that's why he went to Thailand to play a part in the phenomenon that is "The Thai Tims". He knew little of that fairytale when he was stabbed to death on a Blantyre street after watching his team on TV in a hotel. The blight of knife crime is engulfing Scotland at an alarming rate and when life is taken from one so young, with so much to offer, it eats away at the very essence of humanity. We all have a part to play, my own miniscule contribution is to donate 20% from new book, my club has organised a Race Night and Sponsored Walk, fan forums like and have been inspirational in their support as have the good people at CQN. This blog is dedicated to Reamonn, Paul Lennon and every member of the Celtic family, you really are the greatest.

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