Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Revolution will be blogged

I only received my copy of Phil's new book yesterday and only put it down to watch Celtic thrash Aberdeen. So a review is easy. People of a Celtic persuasion have long suspected, and often seen exposed, an undercurrent of  hatred towards them and anything relating to Ireland in the country of Scotland. It's one thing saying it, it's another to prove it. Then here comes Phil. Quite simple Phil Mac Giolla Bhain is our torch. His forensic style of journalism has put a huge spotlight on the bigots and racists in Scotland and it is documented here in this wonderful book. His blogs (  are a must read and they are very much at the forefront of New Media and what can be achieved through it. For anoraks like myself, the devil is always in the detail and Phil is sort of guy who leaves no stone unturned. In a world madness through the Internet, it would be easy to print anything and get away with it, it's not something Phil does, his stories are sourced and sourced again and if it doesn't stand up, it doesn't go public. I think that's what journalism is meant to be. I like Phil's style, he's not an appeaser and has no desire to be "one of the boys", although he certainly is a Bhoy, the kind of "Uppity Fenian" the establishment hate and I bloody love. So my advice is this, see if every time you turn on the news or pick up a paper in Scotland and you find yourself shaking your head, buy this book, because you're not alone.

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