Thursday, January 27, 2011

When we were young

If Wednesday taught us anything it's that all the ingredients are there, all that's needed is the right Chef. That's a crap analogy but did anyone who saw the crap 1-1 home draw v Kilmarnock a month ago  ever envisage that they would witness that kind game we got on Wednesday so soon after?  There's too much analysis and dissection in football now, no one gets the time to do anything, everything is either really good or really shit, no inbetween. It's time to withdraw from that show some patience, let this Celtic team take shape, let the manager impliment his ideas and do our job, supporting. That's why we are here, win, lose or draw.

The picture is from Ibrox in 1983, Celtic have just lost the league to Dundee Utd.

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