Monday, December 13, 2010

The Great SPL Con

The current 12 SPL clubs are going to vote on Monday on how best to continue ripping us all off. The ludicrous suggestion is to go back to a 10 team league and have one governing body over it. You know, how it used to be, then they changed it cause it was crap? This means a continuation of the two of the three things that are killing Scottish football

1) High Cost.
It is far too expensive to watch football in Scotland. My season ticket costs £575 at Celtic Park. My mate who sits in the Holte End at Aston Villa pays £295. I paid 10 Euros to watch Bayern Munich last season. The crooks who run Scottish football have been fleecing fans for years and know that gravy train is coming to an end and think a wee back to the future of the league set up will have fans flocking back, no chance.

2) Oppositon/KO Times
Playing the same team four times minimum in a season rules out any chance of any game in the SPL being an event people will really anticipate. Similarly, the SPL has one big asset, Celtic v Rangers, and they have done anything and everything they can to dilute this fixture with nonsensical KO times and games on Sundays. The EPL don't run away from big games, they amp up the crap ones FFS, so why do we?

Of course one thing not mentioned in this "revolution", and the number three in what is killing the game, is the Refereeing and continuing bias towards the huns in Scotland, illustrated brilliantly by Callum Murray on Saturday and the media who refused to even acknowledge James Cheatie's dive. We all know that nothing will ever change until the particular and continuing con is banished forever.

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