Monday, November 29, 2010

When Tims fight back

A new dawn is upon us. As the walls of bigotry come tumbling down at the SFA, it's important at this time to note the new broom sweeping through the Celtic support, sweeping over the laptop loyal and sweeping out the bigots and cheats of the SFA. The star of this new upsurge is one Phil Mac Giolla Bhain Quite frankly I don't ever recall a time in my life where a supporter did so much for Celtic. Tipping a hat to Celts For Change, but Phil has been out there on his own, I'll talk about the others helping him later, with a bravery of journalism not seen in Scotland for a long, long time. His relentless and, frankly, brilliant journalism, brought down Hugh Dallas in that tradition of "WoodStein" journalism in a way that reminds you why people were meant to be journalists in the first place. Phil has changed the face of the Scottish football and has begun a new dawn for Celtic supporters. We should all be proud to call him "one of us"

Next up is Paul67 from CQN. As eloquent a fans spokesman as we have ever had(although I know he hates being referred to as that), Paul puts an intelligent face on the Celtic support. His Blog, has been the no1 Celtic Blog for years now and his recent appearances on the TV and Radio, plus of course, his dossier that has the whole of the SFA panicking, have been pivotal in applying pressure to the SFA at a time when they thought they were going to slither out of their shennanigans. Another man not afraid to back up his words, we need all the Paul67's we can get.

The continuing campaign against the bigots has been finding it's home on and both of which have become essential places for a visit for any Celtic fan. Sellic and Mince continue to set the tone for any messageboard and their carefully orchestrated pressure through these boards, not to mention critical leadership, has been a fundamental in the fightback against the SFA. They both get some amount of abuse, but fuck that, we need 1000 more like them.

There are lots and lots of people who deserve a pat on the back, you know who you are, but the last one I'd like to mention, for now, is Dian, the resident media-watcher on If anyone says or writes anything, anywhere against Celtic, you can bet your life Dian will have it up within an hour and everyone is up to speed with who is saying what, crucial in any kind of resistance.

As we move towards 2011, the changing face of the Celtic support is there for all to see, the old guard are being nudged gracefully aside and a new set of Tims are taking the fight to the bastards who wrong us, all day, every day.

And our enemies are hating it.

More power to the lot of them.

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