Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Haters-Part 3

One face missing from the ongoing shambles at the SFA in the last month(has it really been a month since Tannadice? and still no one has been sacked? really?) is the erstwhile George Peat, current President of the SFA. A man who can sink clubs faster than Lindsay Lohan sinks bevvy, has been seen less than Haley's Comet recently although that should not come as any surprise to anyone really given that he is known for hiding when the going gets tough, just ask Dode Burley.

This is the man who offered to delay the Scottish Cup Final so the league could be extended twice(after the first extension had already been granted) in order to help the huns and his good friend David Murray.

Peat is very good at self preservation, shifting from club to club to protect his SFA position, no matter that said clubs are run into the ground by him, George still runs Scottish football.

The following is a story from a source to this blog that I think more than any sums up George Peat, judge for yourself:

"I sat in on a meeting once at Celtic Park where George Peat as Chairman of Airdrie attended  when we drew them in the Scottish Cup. His sole purpose was to discuss the ticket price with a single minded view of what is the maximum price he could charge.  He suggested £25 which, when it was pointed out to him that would drive the crowd down, he retorted by stating his indifference based on the fact that it would be Celtic fans who would make up 98% of the crowd so it mattered not to him"

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