Friday, November 19, 2010

Guest Contributor-This week, Roz

Neil Lennon has allowed his inexperience and passion to get in the way of his job; the SP(hel)L officials have been able to deflect their ineptness regarding MacDonald-Dallas gate issue.   Don’t get me wrong, I love his passion, love to see that he bleeds green like the rest of us; however, he needs to stop the red mist and learn how to keep a lid on things. He needs to be manager first and foremost, get his head (and emotions) together and manage the team.

Like the manager and coaching staff, this is a young and inexperienced team. The coaching staff needs to take a lesson from the MON book of man management; it’s an area in which Lenny is sorely lacking. The players look to management for guidance, who does the manager look to?  Getting sent to the stand is not going to help the players. Pick your battles; he’s got to win the war – the League.  Yeah, we hear of managers inspiring their players when they have been sent to the stand; but I didn’t see that happen when Lenny got sent off against Hearts.  What I did see was a manager way out of control. 

Lenny’s team has lost a couple of domestic games.  Some would say that isn’t too bad, considering he’s   rookie, others would say he’s lost the most important domestic and European games so far;  including the Ross County game last season.   Most fans don’t understand why he would change a team who won 9-0, unless the changes were enforced; why play Sammi when he (allegedly) said he wouldn’t ever get a start again. Granted, all managers make mistakes, but the bottom line is, Celtic managers cannot afford to be making mistakes; mistakes that end up costing us points and /or money.

Instead of screaming at the officials, get your message across to the players, have them play with passion and dig, get your captain to motivate his team-mates, make timely substitutions and change the game instead of wasting energy ranting and raving at officials, getting yourself sent to the stand won’t do anyone any favors.  Start using the media sessions as a way of getting your message across without being a patsy for the media, league and/or the board.

Is Lenny good enough to manage Celtic?  Based on the boards requirements (cheap manager who can buy cheap players and keep up with our rivals across the city), I’d say yes. If we win the league, they’ll give him a contract; if he doesn’t, it wouldn’t surprise me if they gave him a contract anyway!  The board will tell us that after exhausting all avenues, they have great please in announcing the picked the best man for the job last season.  The manager has a year’s experience under his belt, he’s older and wiser; learned the error of his ways, etc., etc., etc.  We’ll be told that he’s cheap at half the price; after all he was MON’s captain and Strachan brought him back to help him motivate players; he’s played with and/or worked under the two of the three most successful managers in Celtic’s history. 

By all accounts, McCoist is going to replace the man without a surname; so the competition (managerial at least) should/will be easier after his rookie year. I don’t see Wally retiring, I think he’ll be kept on as an advisor and mentor his protégé.

As far as I’m concerned, Celtic should not have rookie managers learning their trade. However, like many Celtic fans, I will support him because he is the manager. I’m not happy when we lose; I’m ecstatic when we win and delirious when he tank the opposition. I am not happy when Lenny tells us the team played well, that he would have been happy with a draw, that player xx played a blinder.  Give us credit for being students of the game. We may not be professional player or managers, but we do know and understand the game. We are as passionate as you; however, we can afford to let our emotions get the better of us when it comes to supporting our team – you can’t.

Hoops and temper = red card – but what the hell do I know, I’m a paranoid Tim

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