Sunday, October 31, 2010

Join The Fight


As you will all be aware, recently resigned S.F.A. match official Steven Craven, in an interview with a Sunday newspaper, has revealed the truth about what took place during the recent penalty debacle at Tannadice. In this interview, S.F.A. Head of Referee Development, Hugh Dallas, is implicated in a cover-up of the truth. 

Craven also revealed details of the post match conversation between the match referee, Dougie McDonald, and Neil Lennon regarding the penalty incident. He stated, “ We told him the version that was a lie .” This is a direct quote from an S.F.A. match official admitting that they lied to our manager about a refereeing decision. This, once and for all, proves that corruption does exist in some form within the S.F.A. 

We believe that, just as Hugh Dallas attempted to make Steven Craven a ' scapegoat ’, so the S.F.A will now attempt to do the same to him and Dougie McDonald, in order to ensure that the whole incident can be ‘ swept under the carpet. ’ This cannot be allowed to happen. 

The purpose of the planned protest is to highlight this on-going situation. We demand that an independent investigation is carried out into refereeing in Scottish football. An e-mail will be sent to every newspaper and television programme that covers football within the UK and Ireland to inform them of our proposal. A letter will also be handed into Hampden addressed to the S.F.A and S.P.L during the protest outlining our concerns.

We are under no illusions about the chances of suddenly having our demands met by protesting at Hampden Park. The thing the S.F.A. hates the most, however, is adverse publicity. They, along with some of their friends in the Scottish media, are active in making sure that some damaging articles never see the light of day. If we, the Celtic support, turn up en masse, the media cannot ignore this. We must do everything in our power to help our club rid Scottish football of pro-Rangers, anti-Celtic bias from top to bottom within the S.F.A.

After the protest has finished, we hope that as many of you as possible will march together with us from Hampden to Celtic Park. Bring whistles, bring banners and most importantly, bring your mates! It is time to show the S.F.A. that we are behind our club and will not let them get away with this.

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