Monday, December 13, 2010

The Great SPL Con

The current 12 SPL clubs are going to vote on Monday on how best to continue ripping us all off. The ludicrous suggestion is to go back to a 10 team league and have one governing body over it. You know, how it used to be, then they changed it cause it was crap? This means a continuation of the two of the three things that are killing Scottish football

1) High Cost.
It is far too expensive to watch football in Scotland. My season ticket costs £575 at Celtic Park. My mate who sits in the Holte End at Aston Villa pays £295. I paid 10 Euros to watch Bayern Munich last season. The crooks who run Scottish football have been fleecing fans for years and know that gravy train is coming to an end and think a wee back to the future of the league set up will have fans flocking back, no chance.

2) Oppositon/KO Times
Playing the same team four times minimum in a season rules out any chance of any game in the SPL being an event people will really anticipate. Similarly, the SPL has one big asset, Celtic v Rangers, and they have done anything and everything they can to dilute this fixture with nonsensical KO times and games on Sundays. The EPL don't run away from big games, they amp up the crap ones FFS, so why do we?

Of course one thing not mentioned in this "revolution", and the number three in what is killing the game, is the Refereeing and continuing bias towards the huns in Scotland, illustrated brilliantly by Callum Murray on Saturday and the media who refused to even acknowledge James Cheatie's dive. We all know that nothing will ever change until the particular and continuing con is banished forever.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Is the panic button now part of football for good?

The sacking of Chris Hughton didn't really surprise anyone. Newcastle are a club run by baffoons and supported by football illiterates. A succession of good managers have been hounded from there under the delusion that it is a big club, so spare me any sympathy for Newcastle fans. The bigger picture of course is that football, especially in Scotland and England, is imploding. The amount of incompetents who run clubs these days is truly staggering, we at Celtic have had our fair share over the years, but right across the board now it is destroying the game. One look at last weeks farce with the World Cup bidding tells you all you need to know about the global game too.

I was talking today with a friend of another club who was saying that the instant access fans now have to share their views about football is one of the worst things in it. I tend to agree and completely understand the irony of me doing so before you say it. Years ago, the one fundamental about phone ins was that no one who went to games called them.  Pure and simple, how could you? You weren't going to miss the supporters bus home to run to a phone box. So you could put down the fact that all then people calling in were nuts as they weren't at the game caller. Even though very few ever were going bananas then about what was happening in football, it was almost always what someone on the show they were listening to said. Now though, people phone from the game home and that leads to one thing, panic. I used to think no one at the top level of clubs ever listened to fans but more and more so they are and unfortunately the ones whose views they hear are the ones who can shout the loudest. So inevitably, the panic button gets pressed and the manager gets sacked.

The corporate mentality that has started an explosion from within football means that chairman and directors justify sackings with bean-counting and business-speak. These people need driven from football and Mike Ashley is their embodiment. Fans are fighting back against it, FC United being a shining example, but there is a long, long way to go.

Thinking back to the 1985/86 season, Love St 86 is still my all time favourite Celtic day simply because it epitomised what Celtic are all about. A closer look at that season though reveals some interesting things, there was a three week spell where we lost to Dundee Utd 3-0 at home, Aberdeen 4-1 away and the huns 3-0 away. We got knocked out of both cups at the Quarter Final stage by a pathetic Hibs team who just avoided relegation and we were knocked out of the Cup Winners Cup in the first round. If this was now, would Davie Hay have survived any of these incidents having won only one trophy in two years? Not a chance. The panic button wasn't pressed though and the picture up top was the result.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Leggo and Alcohol do not mix

One of the most entertaining, if utterly deranged, members of the New Media in recent weeks has been David Leggat. His bizarre rantings on his Blog "LeggoLand" have been a must read for all Tims and anyone needing to feel better about themselves. Leggat is a fanatical hun who, of course, was only journalist in the press box at Celtic Park who didn't take part in the minute's applause for Jock Stein in 2005. His defence was that there were lots of people who didn't take part.

David Leggat Quote:
"They were even ordered by UEFA to replay a Euro tie 20 years ago
against Rapid Vienna at Old Trafford after an Austrian player was battered by a bottle thrown onto the Parkhead pitch."

I first encountered this man, funnily enough, the day we anihilated the huns 6-2. I was meeting a friend and was able to sit in on the post-match press conference. The then Celtic View columnist Matt McGlone walked in and put a bottle of Champagne in front of where Martin O'Neill was about to sit. As he did this David Leggat burst into a hysterical laughter, the like of which I have only seen in the group session scenes from One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest. No, I've no clue why he found it funny either.

David Leggat Quote:
"Celtic’s record of supporters shame over the last two decades, as
recorded above, clearly shows there are many more than just a couple of “idiots” to be dealt with."

For years now, Leggat has taken great pleasure at attacking his favourite targets of Celtic, Ireland and The Catholic Church, so you can imagine the frenzy he is currently in at the moment as the walls of bigotry at the SFA come tumbling down. His keyboard must have been replaced about 12 times in the last two weeks alone. Rambling like a madman constantly, my all time favourite article from him was when he claimed it was a myth that there was any trouble in Manchester when the huns played there and that T in the Park had more bother at it. God alone knows what kind of life you need to lead to draw conclusions like that. When you look at the quality of writing coming from the likes of Paul Brennan and Phil Mac Giolla Bhain in New Media, then cast an eye over Leggos stuff, it does remind you that things aren't that bad.

David Leggat Quote
"Any Diamond White mate?"

Monday, November 29, 2010

When Tims fight back

A new dawn is upon us. As the walls of bigotry come tumbling down at the SFA, it's important at this time to note the new broom sweeping through the Celtic support, sweeping over the laptop loyal and sweeping out the bigots and cheats of the SFA. The star of this new upsurge is one Phil Mac Giolla Bhain Quite frankly I don't ever recall a time in my life where a supporter did so much for Celtic. Tipping a hat to Celts For Change, but Phil has been out there on his own, I'll talk about the others helping him later, with a bravery of journalism not seen in Scotland for a long, long time. His relentless and, frankly, brilliant journalism, brought down Hugh Dallas in that tradition of "WoodStein" journalism in a way that reminds you why people were meant to be journalists in the first place. Phil has changed the face of the Scottish football and has begun a new dawn for Celtic supporters. We should all be proud to call him "one of us"

Next up is Paul67 from CQN. As eloquent a fans spokesman as we have ever had(although I know he hates being referred to as that), Paul puts an intelligent face on the Celtic support. His Blog, has been the no1 Celtic Blog for years now and his recent appearances on the TV and Radio, plus of course, his dossier that has the whole of the SFA panicking, have been pivotal in applying pressure to the SFA at a time when they thought they were going to slither out of their shennanigans. Another man not afraid to back up his words, we need all the Paul67's we can get.

The continuing campaign against the bigots has been finding it's home on and both of which have become essential places for a visit for any Celtic fan. Sellic and Mince continue to set the tone for any messageboard and their carefully orchestrated pressure through these boards, not to mention critical leadership, has been a fundamental in the fightback against the SFA. They both get some amount of abuse, but fuck that, we need 1000 more like them.

There are lots and lots of people who deserve a pat on the back, you know who you are, but the last one I'd like to mention, for now, is Dian, the resident media-watcher on If anyone says or writes anything, anywhere against Celtic, you can bet your life Dian will have it up within an hour and everyone is up to speed with who is saying what, crucial in any kind of resistance.

As we move towards 2011, the changing face of the Celtic support is there for all to see, the old guard are being nudged gracefully aside and a new set of Tims are taking the fight to the bastards who wrong us, all day, every day.

And our enemies are hating it.

More power to the lot of them.

Friday, November 26, 2010

How many more before they stop calling us paranoid?

George Graham
Jim Farry
Gordon Smith
Hugh Dallas
Who's next?

The SFA is in tatters tonight as Hugh Dallas has jumped before he was pushed as the latest in a long line of Anti-Celtic bigots bites the dust from the SFA.  Celtic fans have always been accused of being paranoid, despite the fact that the man at the top of our list tried to shut us down. In 1952 Celtic came within one vote of being expelled from the SFA because it refused to haul down the Irish flag from above the Jungle, flying there as a tribute to most of the club's founders.

The campaign - and it was a campaign - was led by the long-time secretary of the SFA George Graham, later knighted 'for his services to football'. Desmond White once said: 'He'll roast in Hell for what he tried to do to Celtic.' Objective football men and with no connection to Celtic have also described him as 'a bigot', and it was clear that he was orchestrating the attacks on Celtic with acquiescent members of the SFA following his lead. And throughout those years of anti-Celtic actions never once did the SFA make any comment on the fact that another of its member clubs was actively pursuing a shameful policy of religious discrimination by not considering Catholics for any position within it.*

Jim Farry of course, after being cleared by the SFA twice, was found by an independent inquiry to have deliberately withheld the registration of Jorge Cadete to stop him playing for Celtic. The SFA gave Farry a sweet £200,000 pay, we lost the chance to stop the huns nine in a row.

Gordon Smith, who blames Catholic schools for sectarianism, did a lot of the huns bidding in the SFA. Smith also claimed there was "An agenda against Rangers with respect to sectarianism". A brass neck like that is quite something.

Hugh Dallas, in any other country, would have been a cautionary tale after his disgraceful performance at Celtic Park in 1999. Instead we had to listen to feeble-minded baffoons tell us he was a man of integrity and dignity(pass the sick bucket) No more need for words, the man has been outed as a bigot and a cheat.

And believe me, he's not the only one, stay tuned....

*Thanks to Tom Campbell

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Jim Jeffries-A tribute to a master comedian

I'd like to thank Jim Jeffries today for providing Scotland with a much needed giggle. The biggest moaning faced bastard Scotland has known since Jim McLean is now moaning about people moaning. You couldn't make it up. Celtic fans are well used to Jovial Jim's inane drivel, this is a guy who when his Hearts lost 4-0 to the huns he said it was the best hun team ever, yet when Celtic did the same to his team he actually said "We were great in the last quarter"  this after losing four goals.  A guy who will surely meet his maker by exploding on the touchline, is complaining that Celtic are complaining about Refs. See that's how your average Scottish bigot thinks, they can do and say what they want, we can't do anything. Jolly Jim of course served a ban recently after claiming two of our goals against them should not have stood. After slaughtering the Ref he was sent to the stand. After the game he continued to slaughter the Ref only to have to apologise a day later after, to quote Shakespeare, slavering a load of shite.

The key point is this though, Jim Jeffries will not be pulled up for this by anyone, he's not Neil Lennon. It's what we have been up against since our inception and what this current war is all about. They say in any war the first casualty is always the truth, Joker Jim has just proved that.

Monday, November 22, 2010

A day in the life of Peter Lawwell

A question that comes up more and more(especially when Celtic's accounts come out!) is what does Peter Lawwell actually do? Of course we know he is our guy when it comes to transfer dealings, the hiring and firing asepct but when the transfer window is shut, what does a day in the life of Peter Lawwell consist of? Honestly, there is no joke coming!

After arriving in the morning, the first thing that would be addressed are the newspapers, with a sitdown in his office with Celtic's PR staff where responses and statements would be discussed.

Then he would go through his correspondence, mostly supporter letters and emails, as given to him by his secretary.

There would be chats with each business manager, tickets, merchandise, hospitality and so on, basic briefings and outstanding issues resolved. This would occasionally be collectively with a business strategy meeting.

On certain days there would then be a meeting with the manager to discuss all aspects of the playing side of the club.

At this point there may be offsite meetings, sponsors, SPL and SFA, and so on.

There could be a supporter meeting but these have lessened in the last two years.

Then quite often there will be a press meeting, often with just one journalist where certain relevant news aspects would be discussed.

After that there could be commercial proposals, where people from outside the club would pitch an idea.

Quite often there will be meetings with the Stadium Safety Team to discuss relevant issues.

There will be constant interaction with the financial team and constant correspondence with Eric Riley.

If there are legal issues to discuss, the club lawyer will come in for a meeting.

Throughout the day there will be a steady stream of calls from agents to discuss transfers and contracts.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, there would be the daily calls to Dermot Desmond and Tom Allison to discuss what happened at all of the above.

So there you have it folks, a day in the life of Peter Lawwell.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

FC Celtic, could it happen?

I read two stories about football this morning.  One was about the rise and rise of FC United, a club set up by Manchester United fans disillusioned with the modern game as well as the Glazer regime. The other was about Arsenal, a club which has just announced the first £100 non hospitality seat in the UK game. I am proud to say I am a founder member of FC United, for no other reason than I am a bit of a militant annoying person who loves anyone and anything that sticks two fingers up to the establishment.

The Arsenal story is alarming if not surprising. I admire the way Arsenal play the game although I fear should it becomes six seasons without a trophy at the end of this season, their fans will say enough is enough. Despite what a lot of you will think, Arsenal have a solid working-class fanbase. That fanbase started being eroded the minute the new stadium was built and prices started going like a show in the west end. I visited Highbury many times and the new stadium too and I know which I prefer, not least for the fact that in Highbury, you felt like you were at a football ground. At the recent tournament we played at the new Arsenal stadium, I bought one of their fanzines and read a story about a guy who had been on the waiting list for years for a season ticket who got a call from the club in the summer to say they now had one for him, "Great" he says, the woman then asked him how he would like to pay the £1490? yes, £1490 for a seat behind the goals, "It is quite high up so your view won't be restricted" the woman protested after the guy said "clucking bell" or something like that. What a selling point, eh?

The fact is this is another example of the people at the top of football having not the first clue about the people who pay their wages. It's happening more and more at Celtic, and you may think our prices would never get that high, well it's £40 for the next game at Ibrox, why? Because we charge them the same.
Coupled with this club's increasing trend of victimising its own support, something will give soon.

FC Celtic may a long way off and might never happen, but don't say you weren't warned if it does.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Guest Contributor-This week, Roz

Neil Lennon has allowed his inexperience and passion to get in the way of his job; the SP(hel)L officials have been able to deflect their ineptness regarding MacDonald-Dallas gate issue.   Don’t get me wrong, I love his passion, love to see that he bleeds green like the rest of us; however, he needs to stop the red mist and learn how to keep a lid on things. He needs to be manager first and foremost, get his head (and emotions) together and manage the team.

Like the manager and coaching staff, this is a young and inexperienced team. The coaching staff needs to take a lesson from the MON book of man management; it’s an area in which Lenny is sorely lacking. The players look to management for guidance, who does the manager look to?  Getting sent to the stand is not going to help the players. Pick your battles; he’s got to win the war – the League.  Yeah, we hear of managers inspiring their players when they have been sent to the stand; but I didn’t see that happen when Lenny got sent off against Hearts.  What I did see was a manager way out of control. 

Lenny’s team has lost a couple of domestic games.  Some would say that isn’t too bad, considering he’s   rookie, others would say he’s lost the most important domestic and European games so far;  including the Ross County game last season.   Most fans don’t understand why he would change a team who won 9-0, unless the changes were enforced; why play Sammi when he (allegedly) said he wouldn’t ever get a start again. Granted, all managers make mistakes, but the bottom line is, Celtic managers cannot afford to be making mistakes; mistakes that end up costing us points and /or money.

Instead of screaming at the officials, get your message across to the players, have them play with passion and dig, get your captain to motivate his team-mates, make timely substitutions and change the game instead of wasting energy ranting and raving at officials, getting yourself sent to the stand won’t do anyone any favors.  Start using the media sessions as a way of getting your message across without being a patsy for the media, league and/or the board.

Is Lenny good enough to manage Celtic?  Based on the boards requirements (cheap manager who can buy cheap players and keep up with our rivals across the city), I’d say yes. If we win the league, they’ll give him a contract; if he doesn’t, it wouldn’t surprise me if they gave him a contract anyway!  The board will tell us that after exhausting all avenues, they have great please in announcing the picked the best man for the job last season.  The manager has a year’s experience under his belt, he’s older and wiser; learned the error of his ways, etc., etc., etc.  We’ll be told that he’s cheap at half the price; after all he was MON’s captain and Strachan brought him back to help him motivate players; he’s played with and/or worked under the two of the three most successful managers in Celtic’s history. 

By all accounts, McCoist is going to replace the man without a surname; so the competition (managerial at least) should/will be easier after his rookie year. I don’t see Wally retiring, I think he’ll be kept on as an advisor and mentor his protégé.

As far as I’m concerned, Celtic should not have rookie managers learning their trade. However, like many Celtic fans, I will support him because he is the manager. I’m not happy when we lose; I’m ecstatic when we win and delirious when he tank the opposition. I am not happy when Lenny tells us the team played well, that he would have been happy with a draw, that player xx played a blinder.  Give us credit for being students of the game. We may not be professional player or managers, but we do know and understand the game. We are as passionate as you; however, we can afford to let our emotions get the better of us when it comes to supporting our team – you can’t.

Hoops and temper = red card – but what the hell do I know, I’m a paranoid Tim

Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Haters-Part 5

Where better to end our feature than with the organisation that employs all these clowns? From trying to shut us down for flying a flag, to deliberately stopping us playing good players v the huns, the SFA has been Anti-Celtic since our inception.

There's been a lot of stuff written this week, here are some things to highlight what we mean-

Ref Mike McCurry the day after a Celtic v huns game-

Here's Mike in action again-

Here is a recent video, this sums up how bad it now is in Scotland-

Remember Andrew Waddell allowing the huns to KO at Celtic Park in March 1993 after we had 8 players in the hun half celebrating?

Remember Joe Jordan winning a coin toss for home advantage in a League Cup Semi only to be told that was just to see who would call?

Remember Gordon McBride chopping off a legitimate Cadete goal at Ibrox then 5 years later his brother doing the same to Hartson?

Remember not getting a penalty for an entire year in the early 90s?

Remember Jim McGilvary sending off Rod McDonald for blessing himself but refusing to send Gazza off for headbutting in the same game?

Remember the SFA charging us £1m to rent Hampden then refusing us the right to fly the Irish flag?
The point we have tried to make all week is that you don't need a grand conspiracy in Scotland, it's in them already, no one needs to tell these people to hinder Celtic, it's in their instinct, it's who they are.

It is fitting today that Celtic have waged all out war on the SFA, it's long overdue. The fans deserve it, after all it's us who have suffered.

Celtic have won 42 leagues in Scotland, should be at least 60. You know it and we know it.

Here's a footnote, remember Gretna? They played at Fir Park and when we played them there, they charged us £25 to get in. What did they charge the huns? £18. See, it never dies, it just takes new forms.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Haters-Part 4

Chris Robinson is amongst the most odious men ever to be involved with Scottish Football and that is some feat. Another man who was a complete failure with his club yet somehow managed to be Vice President of the SFA. Remember that, he was Vice President of the SFA.

As CEO of Hearts, he was despised by their fans for pushing the clubs debt from £2m to £20m and then agreeing to sell Tynecastle to Stewart Milne with the aim of moving Hearts to Murrayfield indefinitely. Somehow that made him qualified to be Vice President of the SFA.

Chris Robinson is responsible for the current pricing farce in Scottish football after being the first guy to charge £20 to get into an SPL game, at a time when it cost £16 to get into Celtic Park. Hearts opponents the day he did it were Celtic. I think we are starting to get a handle on why he became Vice President of the SFA.

Not one for irony, here is a quote from Robinson when he made his bid for the SFA job:

""One of the reasons I have to stand is to stop someone like George Peat continuing in office. It is ridiculous that Peat takes Airdrie to the brink of financial ruin but remains as treasurer of the SFA"

Finally, here's a little known fact about Chris Robinson, as CEO of Hearts and Vice President of the SFA, he never once set foot in the boardroom at Celtic Park. Instead, when Hearts played there, he sat on the team bus until KO then took his seat. He never did this at any other ground. So that's why he became Vice President of the SFA.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Haters-Part 3

One face missing from the ongoing shambles at the SFA in the last month(has it really been a month since Tannadice? and still no one has been sacked? really?) is the erstwhile George Peat, current President of the SFA. A man who can sink clubs faster than Lindsay Lohan sinks bevvy, has been seen less than Haley's Comet recently although that should not come as any surprise to anyone really given that he is known for hiding when the going gets tough, just ask Dode Burley.

This is the man who offered to delay the Scottish Cup Final so the league could be extended twice(after the first extension had already been granted) in order to help the huns and his good friend David Murray.

Peat is very good at self preservation, shifting from club to club to protect his SFA position, no matter that said clubs are run into the ground by him, George still runs Scottish football.

The following is a story from a source to this blog that I think more than any sums up George Peat, judge for yourself:

"I sat in on a meeting once at Celtic Park where George Peat as Chairman of Airdrie attended  when we drew them in the Scottish Cup. His sole purpose was to discuss the ticket price with a single minded view of what is the maximum price he could charge.  He suggested £25 which, when it was pointed out to him that would drive the crowd down, he retorted by stating his indifference based on the fact that it would be Celtic fans who would make up 98% of the crowd so it mattered not to him"

The Haters-Part 2

Rumours today that Rod Petrie is to take over from Peter Lawwell. Here is why it won't happen. Rod Petrie does not like Celtic. In fact, Rod Petrie absolutely despises Celtic. He "raised a glass" that horrible day at Easter Road in May 2009 when we tossed the league away. I can hear you say "Yeah, so what? Plenty did?"

It's a lot more sinister than that. Sources have confirmed to us that Rod Petrie did everything in his power to get the away end of Celtic Park shut down on account of some of the seats being restricted view. Celtic supporters as long in the tooth as me will know this is not the first time a Hibs chief has had delusions of shutting Celtic Park but given Petrie's prominent position in the game, should he really be using it to satisfy his own prejudice?

Monday, November 15, 2010

The Haters-Part 1

This week, we are going to take you through a few of the people who devoted a lot of time to stopping Celtic, secretly of course, in their various capacities of power within Scottish Football, past and present.

Today, George Fulston.

This man, who says his passions are line-dancing and cowboy movies, has long held a huge hatred of Celtic.  With a son who has stood for the Scottish Unionist Party(the same party Mark Dingwall held the post of Press officer for) you know what you're dealing with. A man who almost single-handedly ran Falkirk and Hamilton into the ground, sat on the SFA committee for years trying and a lot of times succeeding in hindering Celtic at every opportunity. A regular at Ibrox, his favourite haunt was the Lord Nelson pub, where a source for this blog witnessed the bold George appearing from on St Patricks Day 1996, before our 1-1 draw at Ibrox, wearing a Union flag bowler hat.

After investing in Radio station, the invite list made interesting reading when a certain Nick Griffin, shan yakked nazi leader of the BNP, was invited to take part in a discussion programme on the station.

I asked a Hamilton fan if they could sum up George Fulston in one sentence and I'll leave you with their reply:

"A fucking fat, lying, crook, ugly, self important, low life, asset stripping, Dick Turpin, bounder...... "

A step forward with a nod back?

The rumours are that Ian Bankier will be the new man at the helm of Celtic, with a announcement to come at the AGM on Thu(surely nothing else could save Lawwell from the savaging he deserves?). The axis of Lawwell, Reid and Desmond has lost all credibility with Celtic supporters and only Desmond should survive this as at least he has put some money into Celtic. The interesting thing is that Ian Bankier is a good friend of Fergus McCann and worked with Fergus wife at McGrigor Donald.

A phrase often heard in the last few weeks, as Lawwell and Reid let the SFA trample all over us, was "Oh for a Fergus McCann type" Are we about to get one?

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Is Dougie Dougie bowing out?

Most Celtic supporters will remember Bobby Tait, a lifelong hun, requesting the huns as his last game as Ref. Stuart Dougal did the same with his beloved huns. Dougie McDonald is a Hibs fan(and huge Celtic-Hater) and is refereeing Hibs v Motherwell on Saturday. Did he request that? Time will tell.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Questions need answered re manager as Dallas email appears

Celtic were desperately poor tonight, no question about that. Why on earth was the team changed and why did we play right into Hearts hands by looking for a physical game? Some might say, five big games, five defeats. Whether you agree or not, we're still short and we have to play to our strengths in games or it will be another trophyless season.

Above is the Hugh Dallas email(I bet he'd love to know which recepient allowed us to have it...) if this guy doesn't go by the weekend, Celtic supporters have to launch all out war on the SFA.

SFA Statement makes mockery of Catholics everywhere

SFA chief executive, Stewart Regan, has today issued the following statement concerning weekend reports about an email sent by referee chief Hugh Dallas:
“I can confirm I have looked into the circulation of the email reported in the media at the weekend. Let me state categorically that I do not condone the transmission of any email content that might cause offence to anyone.
“I have spoken with staff and the matter will now be dealt with internally, in line with the Scottish FA’s Information Systems Acceptable Use Policy.”
Translated it means "It was only mocking The Pope, nothing serious" You don't need me to point out that if Dallas had mocked any other religion, or any race for that matter, he'd have had his P45 on Monday morning. This is what we're up against, what we have always been up against and what we now must stand up against.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Time to grow a set

Look anywhere on the net today and there is fury amongst Celtic supporters. The last few days have been embarrasing for Celtic off the park and fantastic on the park, why do we do this? We excel in taking the gloss off anything we do. I want to talk about the fact that this poppy banner nonsense is such a huge issue. The fact is we have a set of fans in Scotland who scream about the pope and wading in fenian blood every week, nothing is said. They tell us to go home because "The famine" is over, nothing is said. They run riot all over Europe, nothing is said. As I've said before, you can argue the merits of the poppy all day, no problem, that's not the issue here. The issue is that Celtic are gearing up to shut down the Green Brigade section and ban all who are in it. No matter that 3 weeks ago 7000 people were allowed to scream hate for 90 minutes in our ground, a few young guys aren't happy with the poppy on the shirt so lets destroy them. What have we become? is this what you were all raised on? Celtic is an club steeped and Irish, Scottish and Catholic traditions, that's a fact. These traditions have never been used to oppress or discriminate against anyone so they should be celebrated, not hidden away, as our so-called leaders cower in their Ivory towers. It's time Celtic grabbed hold again of who we are and stopped dancing to the medias tune. As for banning our own supporters? Not in my name.

How to win friends and influence people-who are not Tims

celtic football club statement

Newsroom Staff
CELTIC Football Club has issued the following statement in response to media reports regarding a banner that was unfurled at Celtic Park on Saturday.

The statement reads: "The actions of this small minority have no place at Celtic Park. We are currently investigating the matter and, clearly, we apologise for any offence caused."

I used to spend a great deal of time baffled at why people couldn't see why we were being run by baffoons. My blood would often be boiling and it would drive me nuts. Nowadays though, you'd think Alastair Campbell was running a campaign against them given their constant public stupidity and incessant cow-towing in the media. The statement above shows more than anything how completely out of touch the Celtic Board with the every day Celtic supporter. I don't think there is a Celtic supporter out there who would try to deny anyones right to wear a poppy, however the denial of the basic freedoms of people who want to protest against them being on the jersey is part of a continuing campaign by the board to erode Celtic's real identity and turn us into some bastardised version of Celtic, or Hibs if you will.

This is what happens when you're run by the baffoons we have.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Sky is blue, The Grass is green

Yes and the SFA hate Celtic. Part of the reason this nonsense has gone on without anyone's head yet is the denial of people to open themselves up to reality. Now, they, Hugh Dallas and Darryl Broadfoot, have been caught red-handed(pun intended) sending "jokes" referring to The Pope and child abuse. As we get over the mock surprise from some, let's analyse it. Everyone has at least one email friend who forwards on these emails with witty pictures and jokes. They used to be rife but have died in recent years due to spamming. Now don't get me wrong, I don't mind the odd wee naked chick now and again, putting XXX in the subject acts like a magnet to your finger from the button. We've all passed on the ones goading huns after defeats or when some celebrity is getting it tight for something or another. What I've never done is send one that slags Celtic. That's the thing outside of my family that's dearest to me and that's why I'd never slag them to others outside the Celtic Universe. Similarly if I get one goading the huns, I'll send it on to all the Tims and hun-haters in my contact list. Which brings us to Dallas and Broadfoot. Broadfoot sent the original email and Dallas forwarded it on. Ergo they looked for the like-minded individuals in their contact list, One is Head of Communications at the SFA and one is is charge of Referees. People at the top level of the SFA don't like Catholics. Do I need to draw you a diagram? Or will I forward on a picture explaining?

Friday, November 5, 2010

What the world is waiting for?

Official Celtic Statement:
AFTER recent events involving the match at Tannadice, and yesterday’s SFA statement, Celtic have issued the following statement.

Celtic Chairman John Reid said: “Following events at Tannadice, it was Celtic's absolute right to request clarification on a matter of this nature. Indeed, it is widely accepted that this was an incident which deserved some explanation.

“It was also correct that the Scottish Football Association conduct an investigation into events following the resignation of an assistant referee. Clearly, as a result of this investigation it is very unfortunate that dishonesty has been proven. This, of course, is a matter for the SFA to deal with.

“However, we are encouraged by the proposals of the new Chief Executive Stewart Regan, to address a series of issues within the SFA and to allow greater transparency and openness in all future decision making. While we would have liked a review to be more independent in nature, Stewart Regan's objectives are to be applauded.

“We fully understand that there is intense pressure on referees in a high-profile environment. We know too that they carry out a very difficult job.

“We now look forward to the review process being carried out and to the implementation of the appropriate recommendations."
Official The View From Paradise Statement:You've just given them carte blanche to carry on cheating.

Has Lawwell hung us out to dry again?

I know quite a few Tims out there thought Celtic were playing this cute wee game, say nothing, let the SFA hang themselves. WRONG. I know quite a few Tims thought "Bulldog" John Reid was going to tear everyone at the SFA limb from limb and avenge the cheating we have had to put up with. WRONG. Has the penny dropped yet? Self interest is the only thing these people are interested in. They don't care whether not you spend all your disposable income to watch Celtic being cheated week in, week out, they just want you to keep spending. Celtic's best case scenario here is for the SFA to bullet Dallas and McDonald without us. never going to happen. It's up to us, once again, to sort this out, below is the beginning:


As you will all be aware, recently resigned S.F.A. match official Steven Craven, in an interview with a Sunday newspaper, has revealed the truth about what took place during the recent penalty debacle at Tannadice. In this interview, S.F.A. Head of Referee Development, Hugh Dallas, is implicated in a cover-up of the truth.

Craven also revealed details of the post match conversation between the match referee, Dougie McDonald, and Neil Lennon regarding the penalty incident. He stated, “We told him the version that was a lie.” This is a direct quote from an S.F.A. match official admitting that they lied to our manager about a refereeing decision. This, once and for all, proves that corruption does exist in some form within the S.F.A.

We believe that, just as Hugh Dallas attempted to make Steven Craven a ‘scapegoat’, so the S.F.A will now attempt to do the same to him and Dougie McDonald, in order to ensure that the whole incident can be ‘swept under the carpet.’ This cannot be allowed to happen.

The purpose of the planned protest is to highlight this on-going situation. We demand that an independent investigation is carried out into refereeing in Scottish football. We must do everything in our power to ensure that the S.F.A. becomes a more transparent and accountable organisation, responsive to clubs and fans. Decisions like those taking place in the last few weeks should not be allowed to happen or be covered-up in future.

We are under no illusions about the chances of suddenly having our demands met by protesting at Hampden Park. The thing the S.F.A. hates the most, however, is adverse publicity. They, along with some of their friends in the Scottish media, are active in making sure that some damaging articles never see the light of day. If we, the Celtic support, turn up en masse, the media cannot ignore this. An e-mail will be sent to every newspaper and television programme that covers football within the UK and Ireland to inform them of our proposal.

After the protest has finished, we hope that as many of you as possible will march together with us from Hampden to Celtic Park. Bring whistles, bring banners and most importantly, bring your mates! It is time to show the S.F.A. that we are behind our club and will not let them get away with this.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Mon The Hooper

Gary Hooper has now said what every Celtic supporter has been saying. On one hand it's great that the issue is not being allowed to die, on the other hand it is absolutely shocking that it has to be a player that says it.

Celtic must get out there and make an official statement now.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Dominik Diamond Interview

Dominik Diamond is well known amongst the Celtic Family. He's one of the few Tims with a platform who hasn't sold us out just make an extra few quid. TVFP caught up with him today and he was kind enough to share his thoughts.

Please also buy his book, which just happens to be one of the funniest, most honest accounts of anyones life that you're ever likely to read.

1) You're in Canada now. Can you give us a little insight into what it's like keeping up with Celtic games there for you?

Total nightmare of 830am shitey blurry feeds that stop and start. One minute Samaras is taking the ball on the left, the next minute he’s on the edge of the box. Then he freezes. Then it’s ten foot away from him. Actually that sounds like one of the more flowing feeds… Time difference is a real pain as well. Not so much kickoffs at 830am but Sunday games that finish 5 minutes after the family leaves for Mass.

2) We are in the midst of "Cheatgate"(aren't we always!), what's your take on the whole thing and referees in general?

About 16 years ago a Celtic fan sent me the most humungous indepth dossier he’d written going back decades on individual matches and refereeing decisions against Celtic he thought were dodgy. It was like War and Peace. I thought he was slightly crazy. I hope that guy now feels vindicated. My worry NOW though is that there is going to be a riot or a pitch invasion or another coin thrown when a ref gives a decision against us. That’s not going to help the club at all.

3) You seem to have done many things in your career, what would you describe yourself as? Presenter, DJ, Author or all round Global Phenomenon?;-)

Writer and Pish-talker for hire. Over in Canada they now call me an Announcer. That sounds really posh. Like the guys who used to say when the telly had ended at night. I like that title.

4) What, in your opinion, is the best computer game ever?

Sensible Soccer.

5) You responded to online criticism of your book by signing up for messageboards and debating the points with critics, do you think the internet has changed the modern day football fan?

Totally. People can now say the most vile things under the cloak of anonymity. There is not editing of lies. Anyone can say anything. And the level of hate on the internet terrifies me. Not stuff written about me, although when people make stuff up it freaks me out a bit because I wonder about the state of people’s heads who do that kind of thing – but if I was a player or a manager? I’d throw myself off a cliff if I ever read some of the stuff on forums.

6) How happy are you with Celtic in general just now?

At manager and team level? Pretty happy. The team is playing really nice football, the manager gives a damn and I don’t think he’s made a bad signing yet. Then Rangers game was a setback, but not a season-killer. But the board are still a joke. They have reduced us to a team whose ultimate ambition is to win the SPL if we’re lucky by being stupidly obsessed with clearing debt at a time when plummeting interest rates actually made debt more manageable. I distinctly remember a time not too many years ago when we had Europe at our feet. I also remember a lot of fans paying a lot of money in those seasons. It can’t ALL have gone to Bobo Balde.

7) Who are the best and worst celebrities you've ever met?

I haven’t met many wankers to be honest, although the book does details my issues with Terry Butcher. Russell Brand and Robbie Williams are complete gentlemen, Glasvegas and The Fratellis are the loveliest people you could ever meet in the world, Noel Gallacher is superfunny. Worst of all is David Walliams who was a good mate of mine at University but changed after he started hanging out with Matt Lucas, which was a shame. You don’t need to do that. Simon Pegg, for example. Same situation – good mates at University but in spite of him becoming one of the funniest actor/writers in Hollywood he remains a good guy who still took time to write nice stuff about me in HIS book that’s just out!

8) You made a very memorable appearance on Celtic TV, did you get the sense they weren't too happy with your opinions at the time?

I got a sense that Jim Craig was about to poop his pants because that smile of his started to waver by a millifraction. There’s a whole chapter in the book about this, but that’s when the club really broke my heart. That said, I understand them being pissed off with me slagging off the board, manager and players but what did they expect me to do? Sit there and smile and fart out gentle platitudes while all the talk in the pubs and terraces was that of disaffection? Not my style.

9) Who's the best band around just now?

There’s a lot of American/Canadian stuff I’ve got more into since working in radio over here: Against Me, Tokyo Police Club, Marianas Trench, Tegan and Sarah. There's an awesome Blues/Roots band from Nova Scotia I've done a few things with called The Hupman Brothers who are awesome. Best new stuff I’ve heard from Scotland recently? The Stagger Rats and Hopeless Heroic.

10) Finally Dom, do you see yourself ever coming back to Scotland?

Never. Too much aggro for me back there. My kids have a life here without judgement or any possible retribution for the daft utterings of their Dad or their choice of football club or religion.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Has anyone called Jim Gannon to apologise?

Hugh Dallas should be used to this. It's not the first time he's been accused of bias, incompetence and general stupidity. Less than a year ago Jim Gannon was sacked by Motherwell for refusing to cow-tow to authority and for calling into question Hugh Dallas integrity.

Indeed, such was the level of vitriol Gannon faced at the time, Motherwell's greatest fan Tam Cowan berated him on air, but not to his face of course for "Daring to question the integrity of a man like Hugh Dallas"  Who, if anyone, will call to apologise to Jim Gannon? I won't hold my breath. Celtic supporters owe Jim Gannon a debt for having the balls to speak out against the corrupt Scottish game. Who at Celtic will do the same?

Over to you Peter

This all feels a bit like Blackadder Goes Forth to me. Every Tim I know is sitting waiting in the trenches on a full blown attack on the SFA by Celtic. As the days go on and with Neil Lennon's fudging of the issue at a Press Conference today, you have to wonder if anyone, anyone at all, at Celtic has the balls to speak out. Since I first went online 12 years ago this issue, by some distance, has united Celtic supporters all over more than any other and that wrath will go from the SFA towards the Celtic Board in the blink of an eye if we don't act now. This is a PR battle that has only seen us scoire points when the cheats have shot themselves in the foot. So I say now, again, Lawwell, Reid, Desmond and Riley(haha), grow a set of fucking balls and get out there and stand up for the people you claim to represent or the next analogy will be another WW1 one, Lions led by Donkeys.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Join The Fight


As you will all be aware, recently resigned S.F.A. match official Steven Craven, in an interview with a Sunday newspaper, has revealed the truth about what took place during the recent penalty debacle at Tannadice. In this interview, S.F.A. Head of Referee Development, Hugh Dallas, is implicated in a cover-up of the truth. 

Craven also revealed details of the post match conversation between the match referee, Dougie McDonald, and Neil Lennon regarding the penalty incident. He stated, “ We told him the version that was a lie .” This is a direct quote from an S.F.A. match official admitting that they lied to our manager about a refereeing decision. This, once and for all, proves that corruption does exist in some form within the S.F.A. 

We believe that, just as Hugh Dallas attempted to make Steven Craven a ' scapegoat ’, so the S.F.A will now attempt to do the same to him and Dougie McDonald, in order to ensure that the whole incident can be ‘ swept under the carpet. ’ This cannot be allowed to happen. 

The purpose of the planned protest is to highlight this on-going situation. We demand that an independent investigation is carried out into refereeing in Scottish football. An e-mail will be sent to every newspaper and television programme that covers football within the UK and Ireland to inform them of our proposal. A letter will also be handed into Hampden addressed to the S.F.A and S.P.L during the protest outlining our concerns.

We are under no illusions about the chances of suddenly having our demands met by protesting at Hampden Park. The thing the S.F.A. hates the most, however, is adverse publicity. They, along with some of their friends in the Scottish media, are active in making sure that some damaging articles never see the light of day. If we, the Celtic support, turn up en masse, the media cannot ignore this. We must do everything in our power to help our club rid Scottish football of pro-Rangers, anti-Celtic bias from top to bottom within the S.F.A.

After the protest has finished, we hope that as many of you as possible will march together with us from Hampden to Celtic Park. Bring whistles, bring banners and most importantly, bring your mates! It is time to show the S.F.A. that we are behind our club and will not let them get away with this.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Boycott McDonalds

If the last week has taught us anything is that we need to fight our own battles. A quick browse over the online community will show two factions, one, Celtic supporters, demanding justice after decades of cheating. The other, the rest of Scotland who think we have a cheek to even complain. There's a lot of sensitive people out there so if you are of that disposition, look away now, MOST OF SCOTLAND HATES US. Anyone who denies that is deluding themselves. There is nothing that gets the ire going in Scotland more than when Celtic are complaining. One of the first things that happen is we cease to be called Celtic and are named "The Old Firm", bizarre. Then there is the legion of muppets lined up in the media, the Uncle Tims like Andy Walker, Murdo McLeod and Craig Burley, money being their God, all ready to stick the boot, play the appeasement card and keep the coins rolling in. Then of course, the rabid huns appear, Chick Young, Ewen Cameron, Keith Jackson, Bill Leckie, apoplectic that the fenians has dared question anything. Then we have the old Paranoia card, that has to be played, because no one is Scotland is bias of course, that's what we get hit with because they tell us no one is against us.  I could go on about the fact that the SFA tried to close us down in the 50's, but I won't. Let's just look at the last two weeks. Hugh Dallas lied, Dougie McDonald lied, Steven Craven told the truth. One of them has integrity, two of them still have jobs with the SFA. Can you guess who? Shall I walk you through it again?

Dougie McDonald is quite clearly a very arrogant man, a Hibs supporter who lives and works in Edinburgh, he has been at the centre of numerous controversies in Scotland, not just involving Celtic, yet seems to have positioned himself into a position of power in the game, as all Refs were ready to walk if he got sacked last week. McDonald strikes me as the type of guy you see in a pub and think "Aw ffs no him again", no personality to speak of, a company man to the last. He should have gone this week, the fact that he hasn't shows you why Celtic supporters are always going to feel hard done by. This is a direct quote from SFA Chief Exec Stewart Regan:

"You can call it a lie if you wish. I think there's acceptance that Dougie
said things in the heat of the moment that weren't true"

Imagine that was the EPL and that was the explination Alex Ferguson got after complaining? You'd hear him rage from here. That's the bottom line for me, there is no need for evidence, no need for ranting, no need to prove anything, you got it straight from the horses mouth that you can lie and get away with it, people will accept it. Of course they will, Celtic are the ones who suffer. And they wonder why the fans on the verge of an away game boycott...

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Yet another blog? Aye. As the propaganda war against Celtic increases, you cannie have too many voices fighting back. Similarly, with Celtic PLC drifting further and further away from the support, you cannie let them go unpunished either. This will be an open platform for all Tims to post their points of view. We might throw in the odd interview as well.

Launching(fucks sake, we sound like NASA)-November 1st.