Thursday, June 25, 2020

Help, I need somebody.

This is not so much a blog but more a stream of consciousness that has been wanting to come out of my mind for about a month. It's all me, all on me and reflective only of me. It's a way of stopping myself drinking myself in a stupor (or more of one)

Ok so we won 9 in a row. I was completely against the calling of the league early but as time went on and deaths from Covid-19 got higher, I could see no other way ahead. I was also against anyone being punished by the league being called and the ongoing fiasco around it tells you why.

I wasn't exactly over the moon when Celtic decided to do an online celebration of 9 in a row. I know, working in a care home,  my perspective is different to most but I wasn't comfortable with it at all. I was persuaded to watch a re-run of it and it was well put together and all that but I feel we could have waited.

Then came the season ticket refund scheme which I was delighted with. I was worried that Celtic wouldn't give supporters this option and so was glad when they jumped that hurdle. The devil, of course, is in the detail. I only glanced at it but then @celticresearch took a scalpel to it and made those who skimmed it aware that you had to first fill out a form, print it, mail it in and then you would receive a cheque back (I believe no one has received these yet)

The bad feeling was rising among the support from what I could see.

Then came the season ticket announcement that the price increase would remain and that fans would get, in return for paying full whack, access to a computer stream until further notice. My household has three season ticket holders, it would cost us £1800 to retain our season tickets and get this computer stream. This in the middle of a Global Pandemic and upcoming Depression.

I asked questions, waited on answers and have heard diddly squat back other than links to statements.

I look at the Celtic SLO. A man I have known, loved and respected for 30 years but who, in my view, really begun to change in the last couple of years. I've seen him put out tweets, that I know he would never agree with, and be lambasted by the support. Over the years I would have always jumped in to back him up. I always had his back but not now because , in September of last year, I feel he didn't have my back when I needed him most. (and I told him that then)

Bhoys and Ghirls, I am helpless right now. I was at a juncture where, when the latest Celtic statement was released, I was flabbergasted when they painted a "All is well" scenario when I don't think it is. I slept on my feelings (never comfy) and awoke to them selling Celtic face masks for £8.

Yesterday I spoke to two comrades of similar age and background and they both, independently, told me they were as bewildered as I am.

I've loved and supported Celtic all my life and really have no clue what is going on.

So help me, do you?

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