Friday, January 17, 2020

Lie in their pish

Fitba is back at the weekend. Those of us lucky enough to have tickets for Firhill will be there glowing from an afternoon of keeping warm in the boozer whilst those who aren't have to subscribe to a pay per view channel and hand over the sort of wedge that only Lee McCulloch's Maw wouldn't baulk at to watch something on the telly.

And this is meant to be the national cup competition right?

Scottish fitba went beyond parody a long time ago. Nothing surprises me anymore and it is obvious to me that most supporters have adopted a chagrin and bear it kind of attitude because thinking about the game here too much is liable put you on a diet of moonshine and Valium and I take enough fucking pills as it is.

The latest pish they are asking us to swallow in a oner is the idea that Kevin Clancy booked Morelos after the game on Dec 29th for his throat slit gesture.

Ok then.

This reminds me of the time when Paul Burrell was going to court for stealing items from a dead Diana Spencer's hoose (not to be confused with that one on London Road) and someone said to Betty Windsor "You realise this cunt knows everything, aye?" and on the day of the trial, Betty miraculously remembered that all the items were merely resting in Paul Burrell's hoose.

The Huns 2.0 clearly didn't know this had happened or why go on an extensive PR campaign to paint Morelos as the second coming in order to make him escape an even lengthier ban?

Bottom line is, The SFA are ripping the piss out of us again. For his faults, John Reid wouldn't stand for "Dougie Dougie" and went to town on the SFA then.

Will anyone from Celtic do it now?

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