Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Happy New Year from Peter Lawwell

It never ceases to amaze how many people get impressed by old white men in suits. I was reminded this again when watching The Loudest Voice the story of Roger Ailes and the rise of Fox News. Ailes got to the top by lying constantly and pushing the agenda of more old white guys in suits whilst pretending to be a man of the people. He was one of those "masters of the universe" guys who thought they were invincible because people were impressed with their power. What he said went at Fox News and that's pretty much why it remains the fucking shitshow it is now.

In Celtic world today, I noticed online that people are sitting waiting like those with lottery tickets in front of the TV,  on Celtic saying something, anything about the last few days. You've more chance of a fucking lottery win. Far less all being in at the park, working on what the strategy is for now and the rest of the season, all the good and the great at Celtic are all safely tucked up in their big hooses, pouring expensive wines and whiskies whilst turning up the heating a notch to make sure their wee tootsies dinnae get cauld.

I remember once Peter Lawwell saying, when I challenged him on what sort of strategy we had for a renewed Sevco spend and challenge (They ain't going out of business folks, deal with it) and he replied "They may beat us in the odd game but they will never take a league off us again"

Let's hope so.

It's long been suspected that the high heid yins at Celtic, up to and including Lawwell, want a strong Sevco, just one that is slightly less stronger than us. Me? I want to obliterate anything that comes out of Ibrox. (I'm an old school son of a gun)

Can that actually be true? Do Celtic want Sevco to get stronger?

Well, it's a hard sell and I can only go on what I know. Which is that Peter Lawwell had good relations with Martin Bain right up until the end of The Huns (in fact, at the time The Huns were cheating their way to a European Licence, Lawwell and Bain were all cosy trying to convince the EPL of the benefits of the "Old Firm" (their words) in England. This was in March 2011. The comparison that springs to mind is the CIA and the Berlin Wall)

(I  witnessed a furious shouting match at Celtic Park when supporters questioned the outrageousness of the pricing of Sevco games and Lawwell's response was to say "We can charge what we want"in a huge missing of the point kind of way)

Is that the reason the Celtic Board asked you to vote against Resolution 12 at the recent AGM?

Maybe Peter Lawwell can tell us in his New Year speech.

Oh wait...

I guess that just leaves me to say Happy New Year, it's your club, take it back.


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