Thursday, February 14, 2019

The Hype

As focus changes from defence of The SFA to destruction of The SFA because, finally, two Sevco players were punished this season, it's important to keep wading through the lake of lies. With the usual suspects in the media screaming for anyone who disagrees with them to be hauled in front of the compliance officer, you can be damn sure the snakes are rattling,

Inevitably, Anyone but Celtic is like a red rag to the bullshit mindset of anyone who feels threatened by those of us who want change and, when this happens,  my Twitter mentions become akin to Ross Greer after he spoke the truth on Churchill. When doing these things, I've lost friends, family and put up with all sorts of stuff that it now rubs off me like one of those tattoos you used to get with chewing gum.

My detractors, in the main, know this and so they go for other things or people they think are close to me, the latest being Tom Boyd. Now, I don't need to defend him because he has been doing a good job of doing that, and defending Celtic for that matter, his whole life. What infuriates the haters is when someone like Tom says the same things as a bampot like me (even if it takes them three years to catch up)

The problem those people have is everyone can see what is happening in Scottish football. Folk don't need to watch a film of mine to be warned about Andrew Dallas or how the SFA recruit from a smaller pool than the one most Dolphins get in Florida.

And therein lies the reason for the recent hype.

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