Saturday, October 15, 2016


News dropped yesterday that gave Celtic supporters a jolt when it was announced John Park would be leaving the club. It wasn't a shock really. Park's role has come in for a lot of criticism over the years (particularly with the conveyor belt of dud strikers coming through the club) and as de facto Director of Football at Celtic, you know a man like Brendan Rodgers isn't going to tolerate that for very long.

Quietly and effectively, Rodgers is shaping the club to his standards and if you are not up to them, you are out, it really is that simple. I've personally heard of a few situations where Rodgers has asked questions that people at the club could not answer and they have been told in no uncertain terms they need to shape up or ship out.

This is an enormous change in the dynamic at Celtic and it is for the good. So much so that the manager is now talking a lot in the long term about what he wants to do. Despite the club's attempt to brush off Barcelona, Rodgers himself remains quietly furious with the performances of certain players and this will be reflected in the January sales.

It has privately irked the club that a lot of pundits kept comparing everything Brendan done to that of Ronny Deila. Especially when there is no comparison.

A review of the scouting network will see big changes and the youth development side of the club is under the manager's constant scrutiny.

The fact that all this is happening as the team are currently tearing up the league should give us tremendous satisfaction and leave us in no doubt who now holds the power.

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