Saturday, April 23, 2016

The IRA Block

This book has been around eight years in the making. It has taken many forms in my head and almost never came out. Then one day I read an interview with Irvine Welsh about how he had rescued material he had written over 20 years previous and ended up making it into a novel and so I thought I could. The worry always for someone like me is I’m not Irvine Welsh and so anything I do that’s not a sort of “big subject” type thing, I’ve no reason to believe anyone will be the slightest bit interested in it. My only previous novel, The Last Pearl Diver, wasn’t a big seller but that there is wrong. Who cares if it was? You don’t go into these things to make money. I hardly made a penny from books until The Asterisk Years came along. That puts a writer in a bad place in my view. All my other books were written out of necessity (The ability to eat and keep warm mainly) and then I had a book that sold an incredible amount for an independent book. It takes your hunger away. Literally.

So I wanted to challenge myself by breathing life into this book and seeing if I could construct something that people would enjoy. It’s written in the first person because that’s my original style, to write like I am talking to you in a bar. There are graphic scenes and situations because that’s normally how real life works. Most of the stuff I didn’t need to research as I knew the characters and the streets and all I had to do was polish them, some mind, not all. I’m an independent kind of guy, I don’t seek approval from anyone nor do I need to be accepted anywhere. That’s not me raising a banner of revolution either, it’s just how I am and how I have been brought up. I love real people and realism and so that’s what I go for in my books

I hope you enjoy it
The IRA Block is out on June 1st

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