Friday, October 30, 2015

Anyone but Celtic (The Film)

A small heads up on where we are.

We are suspending fundraising next week (Nov 6th) until February. Mentioned that a few times before but the reason is we know folk have bigger priorities at this time of year and don't need us hanging round them like a Jehovah's Witness.

At the minute we have raised £4590 towards our £7000 target in two months so we are absolutely delighted by that.

We have added a couple of new investment packages as well.
Have a look and see if you fancy something.

In terms of the actual film we are on draft number two of the script. I'd expect it to probably be around the seventh draft that is the final draft.

We have two folk locked in to play parts in the film for the dramatization of some parts of the story.

We have costumes.

We will start shooting the film in May/June next year.

Quite a few folk have asked me recently if I have the best PR in the world given all the horrendous refereeing we have experienced recently. The reality of course is when the truth is on your side, you're going to keep getting Alan Muir types popping up.

The reason behind the film is for impact of the story. No blog, tweet or even book can ever capture the power a film has over a collective in a room (ok so maybe The Bible but the point I'm making is that 100 people reading a book at the same time will never be the same as 100 people watching a film at the same time)

We are trying something different with this film, in terms of the way we shoot it and the way we bring the story to life.

We can only do that with your help.
As well exposing the Lanarkshire Referees Association, we want to celebrate the people who fight back against the corruption and discrimination we have faced forever and a day.

I'm asking you to back us in this and take the fight to the world.

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