Tuesday, September 22, 2015

John Fallon's Paradise

Steven Gerrard has a new book out and it's pissed me off. I've not read it but I have read the first autobiography he brought out and it was as good a cure for insomnia as you'll get anywhere. Fast forward a few years and a leaving of Liverpool (has to be said, leaving like David Brent "left" The Office) suddenly there is a new book and one that is now actually quite interesting by the sounds of it. No consolation to the punters who forked out for the first one though.

Have none of these fears for John Fallon's book.

This is a warts and all look at his Celtic career, football career, life and Scotland in general through the eyes of a man who is, by his own admission, a Celtic supporter who just happened to play for the club as well. John's love of Celtic oozes out this book and he looks at situations like you and I would, which is refreshing for any regular reader of footballer autobiographies.

It can be a hard read at times but only because you're willing John on in his career in the early 60's when Celtic are in the pits of hell on and off the park and John gives you an insight into just how bad it was throughout those early years.

This is made up for by John's part in the golden years and one month in 1969 shines brightly as a treble was secured thanks in no small part to the original holy goalie.

What fascinated me most though was John's frankness about the bias and discrimination Celtic faced throughout his career that he had a ringside seat for. When folk like you and me say it, we get called paranoid and our sanity is questioned. When a player says it, you better sit up and take notice.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and the honesty within it. It's not for the squeamish but I can guarantee there will be no need to write another one, it's all in here.

You can buy Keeping in Paradise by John Fallon with David W. Potter right here

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