Sunday, July 12, 2015

Anyone but Celtic 2.1

Where are we? Well, as busy as ever. Whilst The Asterisk Years kind of fell from one part of the project to the other, ABC feels bigger, far more efficient and a lot more like something we know what we are doing with.

The book was completed around two weeks ago. This was met with a lot of support, the ubiquitous hate and the usual suspects standing on a corner looking the other way, whistling. It's been about 14 months of writing all in, the vast majority in April, May and June of this year, with a slight change of style and huge reliance on research, contacts and sources, this is a 180 from previous two books of this loose trilogy (By Any Means Necessary and The Asterisk Years being the first two parts) with the almost complete absence of the autobiographical aspect that was deluged over the first book and skewered through the second book.

As things stand, pre-orders for Kindle/Kindle App start on Aug 1st whilst the Paperback on can be pre ordered from Aug 21st.

General sale of both starts on September 1st.

Some other dates concerning ABC(The Book)

Aug 7th-Twitter interview with Richard Swan.

Aug 15th-Video interview.

Aug 21st/22nd-10 in a row show ABC special with Graham Wilson.

Sep 4th- Book Launch in Carluke.

Whilst all that is going on, we are in pre-production for ABC (The film). This includes forming a narrative for the film, structure, seeing what sort of budget we will need, how we will fund it, where we will be filming, who we will be approaching and so on.

All book sales will go to the film and the launch in Carluke is a fundraiser as well.

You may have noticed that I haven't been on air talking about this book or it's contents.

That is deliberate.

For now/

Indeed, we had to keep a level of secrecy about this project that meant a dummy book cover/blurb was thrown out at the end of May to throw a couple of people off the scent as at least one source of the book came very close to being compromised. The real cover and blurb sit atop this blog.

You may also notice soon that this will be the cheapest book I've ever brought out. This is twofold. The first point about it is to get the price as low as possible to help get the story out there. The second point is that the success of The Asterisk Years has allowed this (Ironic given the lengths some of the people and some Celtic fans went to stop folk buying it, maybe that's why more bought it?)

Like with anything we do, your role is absolutely crucial in this. We don't deal with the MSM, use PR companies, seek serialisation or bombard radio shows.

The main question of this book is "Who's the mason in the black?"

We will provide answers.

Also, we hope to have a good bit craic with all this and you as well. In my experience, that's what Tims are best at and what we all excel in, seeing the funny side.

With some of the refereeing we have been up against, you'd have to.

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