Monday, February 16, 2015

Lagging on right to Paradise

Since getting back from America, I've felt like an insomniac. They say insomnia is when you're never really awake and never really asleep. A total of 33 hours on planes in two weeks covering three different time zones has had me wiped out with jet lag all weekend and left plenty time to start thinking about the next few months. If previous experience tells anything it's that keeping focused on the point of the project is key. Being given the opportunity to spread the word and tell the story is both humbling and enriching. It also brings a wee bit apprehension, you go places you don't know and meet people that were previously strangers but your biggest concern is they have facilities to actually show the film. That sounds ridiculous but an example is one place who thought they were buying a DVD that they could show any time they felt like it. Then, as if that wasn't bad enough, I was approached by the same place again, put a gig on the books, only to be told two weeks later that the person had done it without telling anyone and it was now off.

It's always the smallest hurdles that trip you up.

One enormous hurdle crossed since I got back is that there will be a screening of The Asterisk Years at Celtic Park on Friday May 15th.  Tickets(£21) are on sale to members of Paul Larkin Books on Facebook and my mailing list. General sale starts on Feb 28th.

This will be the last screening of The Asterisk Years in Scotland.

The intention is to make it a gala night with a screening, Q&A, special guests, food and entertainment all part of the ticket price.

The Kano Foundation will be the raffle recipients.

It is something I've tried, when given the chance, to do throughout this project because The Asterisk Years was partly about giving opportunities and that is something The Kano Foundation constantly do. The other thing is, I like their style. They just go about their business without self serving, trumpet blowing or ego massaging.

More details of the Paradise screening when the general sale starts.

It's been a really special last two weeks for me, the welcome I received wherever I went, the way the film was appreciated, the standing ovations it got and the multitude of new friends made were all obvious high points in this project. So many people in America will live long in the memory.

Attention now shifts to screenings in Scotland and England over the next few weeks with most of the gigs sold out already. A very humbling fact indeed.

It's been an incredible journey so far but it's not over yet.

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