Monday, May 5, 2014

Asterisk Years Film-Update

So folks, a little blast to bring you all up to speed with what is happening.

We have November as a target for a premiere. This will be in Glasgow. Now, we know the difficulties that this presents given that hatred one third of Glasgow will have for this but we will find a venue and the premiere will be there. We hope to make this a bit of a gala event with a party afterwards. After all, this is meant to be fun, right? (Anyone with a darkened room for rent, please get in touch)

But seriously.

A lot of filming, recording, animation and research has taken place thus far. The documentary aim is to be about the length that an hour long programme, with commercials, would be on TV. We want it to be something that tells a strand of the story in a simple and entertaining way that folk can watch and digest in one sitting.

We have deliberately not went down the road of celebrity appearances or publicity stunts because we feel that's the part of the thing we are fighting against. We were actually offered two semi-famous people, one by an agent and one directly and it was a bit bemusing. I think the agent was told by their client that "They will definitely be wanting me for this" and came in with "Ok, how much you going to pay then" attitude. Keep waiting by that phone. The other need clarification of Rangers liquidation so I don't think they would have fitted with the vibe somehow.

A lot of this is done on the hoof. In trying to stay one step ahead of the detractors, we haven't been able to reveal where we would be until we went to Celtic Park last Sunday. I originally had an idea to talk to people in the Kerrydale Bar and thought it would be polite to ask Celtic in advance but was met with a gruff "Whit's it fur?" and thought better of it. Funnily enough, after four hours of filming we went for food to the Kerrydale Bar and not only saw a lot of the folk we had spoken to that day but could easily have filmed in there with no one being any the wiser.

That all being said, the filming at Celtic Park was fantastic and it was great to see such enthusiasm for the project. It's a stressful thing to do. Forget the threats and the begrudgers, you're on a very tight budget, which folk have donated their hard earned cash to give you, and you are filming outside. You don't have the budget to cancel a shoot and start again another day. You need to allow for wind, rain, lorries, folk walking into the shot, folk standing staring and about a million other things.

So when folk show up and take part, on or off camera, it makes you feel good.

Right now, we have lots of stuff and it's time for the Editor to start putting it together so we then know what holes need filled and what needs trimmed.

An important lesson we have learnt in all this is focus on the prize. A lot of people have spent a lot of time trying to derail this and belittle it. We just keep moving forward as we best we can.

If you're reading this, you're the reason why.

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