Friday, April 11, 2014

When the SPL ratified Sevco as a new club

It seems ridiculous to have write a blog to prove the status of Sevco as a new club given that anyone not hard of thinking knows they are but needs must.

Obtained from a source within Sevco, above is the correspondence sent by Duff and Phelps to Iain Blair on July 27th 2012 to confirm the status that it would be Sevco that were playing Brechin City in the first ever game of the Newco.

Look at the paragraph after the list of players names (actually some had gone by then)

Note the specific request to the SPL board re D1.16.

The relevant extract from above is:

"D1.16 A Registered Player must not, except with the prior consent of the Board and the Club to which he is Registered, play Football for any other Football club in any competition or except with the prior consent of the Club to which he is Registered, train with such other Football Club."

Neil Doncaster and the SPL board approved this request the same day.

A clear line was drawn that Sevco is indeed another club, clearly different from Rangers Oldco.

Permission granted via an explicitly defined rule above, leaves it open to no further debate - Sevco are a different club from that established 140 years earlier.

For the record, the game in question versus Brechin in the Challenge Cup is listed on the Official Rangers website, yet the game was played by Sevco Scotland Ltd.

If it was the same club, there was no need to request permission for the listed players to play for ANOTHER club.  Those players never transferred back either, meaning that they continued to be registered under the new club.

All of this was done prior to the IPO in Dec 2012, therefore any such notion or reference to the same club by anyone at Rangers/SPL/SFA would see them on shaky ground given they knew it not to be true.

I'd hazard a guess that The SFO/AIM Market may be most interested, especially if the IPO makes reference to the same club/history carrying over.

Quite clearly, behind the scenes and in secret, the SPL/Rangers Oldco and Sevco/D&P all knew about the players being transferred from one club to another.

I wonder what the  'institutional investors' think of this?

As for us? This merely confirms what we always knew.

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