Monday, December 9, 2013

Fear and Loathing on the Murray trail

It's not been a good few weeks for me or some people close to me. On a personal level youngest son has been very ill and isn't out the woods yet. Concerns about my own health are ongoing and the usual shit life throws at you adds to a worrying time. Similarly, folk close to me are going through hard times and my heart goes out to Josh Gaffney who lost his Father suddenly yesterday.

It was all so different last week when I bounced out of Ireland after a great gig in Larne. Soon as I got back though a shitstorm was brewing. Seems that threats had been made about the publication of a video of the Glasgow launch of The Asterisk Years. Not to me directly but to people close to me. I realised then that things were getting wee bit sinister as only three people even knew about the video and I was one of them. I knew the other two were solid so it was clear dark forces were raging. Not the type like the serial abuser who bombarded me, Amazon and Lulu with abuse, not even the coward who threatened my eldest son, no, this was the type who tried three weeks ago to get the book shelved completely.

I took the decision to pull the plug on the video, for now, to protect others or at least, hopefully, stop them being threatened. You see I never get threats to my face, they always come on social media or through other people, but it doesn't derail the project, in fact, phase two of the Asterisk Years is all but complete and is an Audio Book, £4.99, and downloadable from Dec 22nd from

The people who abuse and make threats, from your own side or the other, all have one thing in common. They are all saying "PEOPLE LIKE YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO HAVE AN OPINION"


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