Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Asterisk Years-First interview

I'll be on Beyond The Waves Celtic Show on Saturday to talk about The Asterisk Years-The Edinburgh Establishment v Celtic properly for the first time. Since the first time a rough idea of the story got out there, quite a few people have asked me if I'm sure I want to go through with it? You never know where folk are coming from when they say things like that. Most are genuinely concerned but I've heard enough "Are you sure you want to do this?" sentences in my time that really meant "Fucking stop now" so always look at each person individually.

I should admit now that a lot of attempts to annoy me have been made in the last few months. Things like attempts on my email, complaints to several online companies and so on have been an inconvenience more than anything. It's also been noted by more than me that a consistent few people are attacking me online just now and that could just be coincidence, I'm not Charlie Brown, but you look at it all the same.

The answer I give folk and what I always tell myself is "What is the alternative?" I've had to sit on this story for the last 15 months and it hasn't been easy let me tell you. In fact, in college yesterday, a lecturer tried to dismiss something someone said about "private education being a huge advantage" as nonsense and before I knew it I was lecturing the lecturer as to why it was.

So I'm itching to get the story out let me tell you.

I am going to get this book out and do everything I can to get the story out there.

This is the most frustrating part of any book for the writer, when you've finished it and just want to have a finished copy in your hands, that you are pleased with, and the book to be out there. Obviously I don't want to spoil the stories in the book but on Saturday I will reveal a lot more about it as I believe the key to this book is folk getting their heads around the stories.

Four people have read it so far, all of these are huge supporters of me, and their reactions were key, they were absolutely fucking raging.

That's how I was too.

In fact, one piece of info in the book still flabbergasts me to the point where it actually changes my whole outlook on life.

In the book there will be a few new things we are trying, just some fancy new shit for all you whizz kids out there, in the hope that it can be an interactive experience for you and that you can have better scope to take in the full enormity of the information contained therein.

One question I have been continually asked is "How many do you expect to sell?" and the truthful answer is I don't know and have honestly never approached any book like that. If selling one copy got the story into the mainstream then I would be happy because that's what is important to me, that Celtic supporters can feel vindicated and know they were not paranoid enough,

See you on Saturday.

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