Sunday, September 1, 2013

Mental about Celtic

Reading Jackie McNamara's programme notes yesterday it was interesting to see that he had identified Celtic's mental strength as the biggest obstacle his team had to overcome yesterday. He spoke at length about how we keep going, in adversity or otherwise, and that our players, even when they were not playing well, know that they could influence a game still. I know that he's trying to change the culture at Dundee Utd, more belief and a positive environment the two main goals but he has identified something in our team that have really came to the fore this season.

There was a massive debate raging on Twitter last night regarding our transfers in as, not for the first time, a lot of fans feel let down by our dealings. I am at the point where I shudder to think what we would have got had Forrest not got that last gasp winner on Wednesday given that Peter Lawwell seemed to miss the game yesterday to secure a young left back on loan and a guy from Peterborough who makes Mo Bangura look prolific.

The fact that he failed on both counts is a level of not getting the job done that I doubt Neil Lennon, who has given our club a lot of monumental moments, would survive.

The irony being that it would Lawwell who fired him. It would be cheeky to suggest that Neil would be happy with that given the amount of targets Lawwell misses.

Let's hope Teemu Pukki is different but sourced information doesn't describe the sort of penalty box poacher our team desperately requires. Increasingly we seem to always be linked to and buy strikers who don't actually strike. Stokes is an exception but he needs a high work rate and perfect technique to score most of his goals. We have Samaras and Balde who don't appear to be in the team to score goals (something I am sure both appreciate) and then guys like Forrest and Commons who can score but whose main job is to create.

It's been obvious to anyone who has seen us in the Premiership this season that we are creating plenty chances and getting into good areas but time and again guys are looking up and seeing no one to aim at in the box.

I don't think for one second that Neil Lennon is happy with this lot. His clear dig at the board post Shakter didn't work as we only ended up with the two players that he already mentioned in the same interview and you have to think he will be disappointed in that.

What is going through the mind of Peter Lawwell right now is a mystery to most.

What Neil Lennon will be happy with is how our team seems very capable of digging themselves out of bad situations in games and that any adversity can be met with the sort of fight back and toughness that was a regular feature of all great Celtic teams.

Why we need to keep digging it out, that's not a mystery.

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