Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A short story

As I count down the hours, count the levels of abuse and count on your support more than ever, all in respect of The Asterisk Years release. I thought I'd drop a short story on you all that I'm sure some will say everyone already knows, others will be offended by before reading it and a few will be raging that I didn't run it all by them first.

Wait, that's The Asterisk Years again.

This a story that I did about Baseball that really has nothing to do with Baseball. I wanted to write a sort of different take on my time in New York through the eyes of someone else completely. I didn't know the main character but he is a combination of three people I know in Queens, NY.

I should say, it does have some graphic descriptions of scenes of a sexual nature but only to peak the interest of people who have got this far in the blog thinking "I don't want to read your short stories you pretentious cunt"

There are a few names in the story that you will know and the main girl character is actually based someone on Twitter whom I've never met but admire her ballsy tweets from afar.

Hope you enjoy and if you do, feel free to make a donation here:

Here is the story...

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