Saturday, August 3, 2013

Flag it up

Another flag day is upon us and for Celtic supporters worldwide this is all about pride in a job well done. It is fitting that John Keane is raising it. You will all know the back story and as the Keane family have devoted their lives to Celtic, I know they will be smiling from Edinburgh to New York via Donegal today.

I would hope that supporters would never get nonchalant about these days and John Keane himself provides an insight into the darker days that were not so long ago. Things are different now, the propaganda and prejudice that went against us then can now be exposed and is on a daily basis. It wasn't then, if it was, it may have saved John Keane one million pounds...

It took most people by surprise when Charles Green made an appearance again yesterday especially when before you could even digest that digestive, Paul Murray was trying to oust the entire Sevco board. Now here's the thing, what you need to do here is flip the timeline, Green is back because Murray is trying to oust the board.

He has realised what a clusterfuck it has been at Sevco since he left, even more than when he was there, so is back to address the obvious shortfall in cash that is going to happen in January-February time. This is a nightmare for Green because that is when he had earmarked the dumping of all his shares (The falling share price means nothing to Charles because it's all profit to him anyway) and so he's back to see what the fuck is going on.

It's great to see nowadays that we can track these stories because, without us, Sevco would be getting away with murder right now and that's what they will need to get away with to survive.

Remember all this when a man with Celtic running through his veins raises that flag for the 44th honest title.

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