Sunday, August 4, 2013

A weekend is a long time in Scottish football

So, we're back. After what had seemed like an endless pre-season, BT Sport launched the new SPFLwith Partick Thistle V Dundee Utd. I had an interest in his game and an interest in BT Sport as I had subscribed way back on June 10th and eagerly awaited to see what kind of fist they would be making of their coverage. Thankfully it was a lot better than their customer service who I spent seven hours dealing with on Thursday before finally getting to see something, which was the not too shabby Bayern Munich v Man City game, and was pretty impressed with their whole set up save for the God awful Tim Lovejoy.

The Partick Thistle v Dundee Utd game was a spicy affair that had me chuckling a lot. Those Thistle fans a love a grudge (I've seen Thistle on about ten occasions in the last two years and some of the abuse dished out was up there with the funniest and most original I've ever heard from any set of fans, "Shitey Brown Shoes" springs to mind) So I knew that Jackie and Sid would get stick but I must admit that I wasn't preapred for the venom that they actually got and I don't think they were either. There were three main insults, the first was centred around the Thistle fans belief that Jackie had nothing to do with them winning the league last season. The second was that this was because Jackie did not want to be there. The last was their belief that Sid gratifies Jackie from on his knees. Ok, not exactly nursery rhymes there and pretty funny in most cases but the hate that came with it, I have to say, really added to the occasion. It was actually good to witness a game in Scotland that had so much passion and anger around it that it created a specatacle.

Of course I am biased on this subject, regular readers will know that, but it was funny playing around with these thoughts that Jackie had nothing to do with them winning the league (It looked like his team and his system that Partick Thistle played on Friday), that he didn't want to be there (When Dundee Utd came calling, sure, but before that? Not a chance, 70-80 hour weeks were the norm) and that these two great friends participated in (Well let's leave that one, this is a family show).

My bias probably showed there but because of things like this. One night I was at Firhill and Sid gave myself and my eldest son a lift to the train station (only car I've ever been in that tells you who is driving), anyway there was a guy who was hanging about looking for autographs. Jackie and Sid done the business and as we were about to pull away Sid said "What am I thinking? Jake could gie ye a lift right hame". At this point we heard the conversation between Jackie and said autograph which ended with Jackie giving the boy a lift home.

Things like that will always make bias (and raging at having to fork out for a train)

Onto Celtic Park yesterday and I felt a bit strange about it all if truth be told. A combination of the time I left the house, the thousands coming off trains as just me and my mate Evan were getting on one, the subdued atmosphere in the Gallowgate, the late kick off time or the sound of "God Save Ireland" belting out the Kerrydale Bar made me feel a bit out of place. Added to the fact that my attempt to gain some good health back, through non bevvying, has lasted a month now and it kind of made the day fly in.

The flag went up, quicker than Forster's hand, and we sat back to see us claw back a 1-0 reverse for a deserved victory. I think my weird feeling got worse as there is just something not quite right about this Celtic team, anyone else get that feeling? They seem a bit heavy-legged, like the zip isn't there and that no one at the club has yet grasped the enormity of the game on Wednesday.

I hope I'm wrong, it's entirely possible, I'm only blogging, this isn't the Ten Commandments you are reading here, feel free to tell me I'm talking shite, that's the point of blogging sometimes, so folk can let you know where you have went wrong.

I'll just go and find the healthiest substitute for a Bridie that I can lay my hands on.

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