Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Last Pearl Diver goes for one more swim

I have a wee ritual after I finish a book and it's out there. I try to let as many folk as I can.

I think everything has a shelf life when it comes to promoting and on Tuesday The Last Pearl Diver will reach the end of his.

It was my first novel and I am immensely proud of what it achieved and the impact it had (who can ever forget the Cheesey Pasta revival on Twitter it caused?)and I love the fact that people are still pondering it.

So I will be punting it pretty incessantly for the next two days and then after that not at all because I believe you have to give a book time to grow and hopefully blossom into something people like to look at.

So if you fancy helping give it a little punt or even buying it, come on, dive in...

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