Wednesday, July 17, 2013

SFA as corrupt as ever

No one will be surprised by the news that the SFA are taking no action over the blatantly obvious links between Charles Green and Craig Whyte. Expecting serious action to be taken was like expecting Germaine Greer to be on the first tee at Muirfield tomorrow.

The key line in from the SFA was they looked at the information from the Pinsent Masons investigation(this stuff just writes itself doesn't it). Pinsent Masons were, of course, appointed to figure out how to get Green and Whyte out of this mess, I mean investigate the links.

So, as expected, we have another whitewash and a "Nothing to see here Timmy" attitude prevailing.

This will only last so long though.

The SFA will eventually realise that fans in this country are sick to the back teeth of everything associated with them and once their Wembley junket is over, we will go back to the reality of the national team being unable to sell out games, total apathy towards anything coming out of Hampden and folk trying to figure out what exactly Mark Wotte does.

The sinister aspect though is that we have yet another scenario where anything and everything has been done to preserve Newco, much in the same way they tried, and failed, to do with Oldco. This is why eyes must be focused on the SFA still.

The funniest thing about all of this is you still have basket cases out there who will tell you that Peter Lawwell runs the SFA.

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