Monday, July 29, 2013

Day 5-The Longest Day

Alienation is a horrible thing. Thatcher always denied it even existed in the UK. After my spend on Saturday my budget on Sunday morning was at £16. A fiver of that had to go into the electricity right away as it was dangerously close to power cut.

There will be no cooking, showers or bath today.

Absolutely nothing happens round my way on a Sunday. The streets are deserted, the shops don't open long and waking up on a Sunday morning here is akin to Cillian Murphy waking up on 28 Days Later.

It hits you early, that feeling of emptiness and helplessness that you have nothing to do and no money to do it with.

I had my Weetabix breakfast and then pondered my day. Twitter is slagged off a lot but it will be a Godsend today, as will Facebook Messenger. So I decide to walk up to Tesco at Corstorphine. It's a huge place and they always have deals. On the way there I cave in a bit and buy a sausage roll from Greggs. Not good for my budget but I was starving.

I complete the walk in the pissing rain and buy a 42p bottle of juice, 23p pack of Rich Tea and 79p curry.

I make the long trudge home feeling like I've just jumped in a swimming pool fully clothed. I get home about 3pm and don't know what to do. There is nothing going on and no amount of denial can hide the utter despair right now.  I dream of someone reading these and saying "Hey, come round for a Sunday Roast with all the trimmings!" but no one does.

I decide watch the film Serpico and it takes me back to when I lived in The Bronx and as bad it gets for me here, living in poverty in America is ten times worse as people throw round $20 bills before they even start spending money.

After the film I sit for a while in total contemplation which begins to lift me out of despair. I realise that no matter how soaked I got on my walk, I still have the ability to do it and I know a few people who would kill for that ability right now. The film also made me drift back to New York and remember a time in my life when things were not a struggle and for millions of people, they have no recall for anything like that.

I eat my curry which is surprisingly good and scan around Twitter.

Then I spot that Crocodile Dundee is on council telly and get a bit excited at the prospect.

Which shows how long a day it's been.

I'm trying spend a week with a budget of £71.70. The money I saved from my normal weekly budget was used to get three people, who normally can't afford it, to Celtic Park on Saturday.

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