Saturday, July 20, 2013

Celtic TV and all that

"Graham Wilson likes to moan doesn't he?"

If I had a pound for every time someone said that to me this week...

The target of his angst this week was Celtic TV. He had gone home to watch the Cliftonville game on Wednesday but spent most of the afternoon, in Washington D.C., trying to sort out buffering issues. I've experienced this many times in New York and know how frustrating it can be (ok, I didn't rant like a kid at an Ice Cream Parlour that has just sold its last cone but we all have our faults)

Now, some folk think we just criticise Celtic for the sake of it, me in particular. As well as that being as far from the truth as Charles Green, the feedback we got after the Celtic TV discussion was incredible. Lots and lots of people tweeted, DM'd, emailed and so on discussing the many issues they have continued to encounter and an "end of tether" vibe appeared.

(There was also an email which praised the board and said we were wrong to criticise them and other people at Celtic and that's fair enough, no problem with that at all)

The great thing is, in this new area of club/fan interaction, Celtic were in touch on Thursday regarding the issues and with some general points designed to inform the fans more. We will discuss it in far more detail on the show tonight.

Now, we can blast all day at Celtic TV but that in itself is a step in the right direction and one I have been screaming for to happen for years.

Whether it is enough to satisfy Graham, remains to be seen...

The 10 in a row show will be live at 5pm CPT tonight (Saturday)

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