Thursday, June 20, 2013

History-Our story-Your story

Last night I helped Chris McGuigan record the latest history podcast for Hail Hail Media. I have to say that it is a bit daunting doing something like this as no matter how much you think you know, it's not going to be enough to fill a 90 minute podcast. So I did a lot of research, I re-read various books, cross-referenced with The Celtic Wiki a lot and generally tried to become an expert on the 1920's in general not just related to Celtic.

The bit you dread of course is Chris saying "We are going to talk about this" and you freeze and think "What the fuck is he talking about" but thankfully that did not happen to any great extent(he lied)

I like the way Chris works. Normally when we do anything together we end up chatting together and I will go off on my usual tangents and Chris will be like "Save it for the podcast!!!" and that normally relaxes me a lot to be honest.

This project is colossal. To even attempt it takes balls as big as a circus tent so massive kudos have to go to Chris. It's a project that I think will go down in history like some of the stuff being spoken about on the pods and one that deserves your support.

Another great aspect of it is all the donations received are being split between causes nominated by the participants and my own choice is The Aisling Irish Center in The Bronx. An organisation that helps new immigrants when they first land in New York. There is a personal reason for that as well but I'll let you hear that on the podcast.

In the meantime, please give whatever you can to support this project and help all the causes involved.

Every time you download a new one, donate what you can via to and play your part in this fantastic journey.

After all, it is your story.

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