Friday, May 10, 2013

This is the moment

They say that we are always looking back or looking forward. There was a time, a long time, when all I ever thought about was winning a League Championshp again. Back then, it seemed pretty distant. Our season was usually over by the end of October and it hurt, it hurt all of us.

I don't do blogs where I tell people how to behave or how they should support Celtic but I would like to use this platform make an appeal to all Celtic supporters today to enjoy themselves. Days like today are the ones we all should crave. Forget what manager is going where, what the PLC board think of this or that, or any oher thing the deflects from you enjoying yourself today.

Social Media does make it hard for anyone to do anything these days. Things get pulled apart, ingested, digested and then spat back out later and bit by bit we move further away from each other so days like today are for pulling us all back together again.

When that trophy gets raised in the air today, it's for everyone connected with Celtic and should be enjoyed in that fashion.

I spoke to someone yesterday who didn't experience the early 90s and I tried to explain to him that today is about, pleasure, satisfaction, enjoying yourself. Debates, points of view and complaint should be left for another day.

The trophy isn't coming back to Paradise today, it's just extending its lease of the trophy room.

How long that is for? That's down to all of us.

Enjoy your day.

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