Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Celtic Trust

Bill Hicks used to tell a joke that went along the lines of "I know how the fall of man happened. Adam and Eve were in the garden of Eden and Adam turned to Eve and said 'Isn't this wonderful, we will never grow old, we will never die and all our dreams will come true the second we have them' to which Eve replied 'yeah, it's just not enough is it' "

Now obviously that's a made up scenario for a joke but I imagine that you feel like that often when you're at the top of any Celtic supporters organisation. 

One thing that has become apparent to me in the last few months has been the consistent message of The Celtic Trust. I admit, I never really knew much about The Trust outside of basic knowledge of who they are and what they do but plenty they have said has heartened me greatly.

Photos were tweeted yesterday of a protest against police harrassment at Pitt St in Glasgow. The ones I saw were from Eddue Toner. I've met Eddie on numeorus occasions and can honeslty say that if I was allowed to pick who I wanted inside Celtic Park, fighting the supporters corner, Eddie would be as good a pick as any. It's a job he done with great aplomb for the CSA but more importantly, Eddie is a guy with Celtic coarsing through his veins and has a big heart.

So anyone of Eddie's calibre at the heart of any organisation is always going to be a good thing.

I've also been mightily impressed with way The Trust have handled social media in the last few weeks. They seem to get a lot "You don't represent me" type of stuff thrown at them but you'll always get that. Sometimes though, leaders need to lead and that is what they are trying to do.

My own view on situations like that is you have to at least take the first few steps behind the leader before you start criticising them.

This blog is probably also an apology. Joining The Trust is something I was always going to get round to but never did. I'll be doing that now, just to simply support, and hopefully help in their cause of uniting the Celtic support.

Which we all know continues in George Square on Saturday at 12pm.

To join The Celtic Trust

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