Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The April Fools

I grew up in Thatcher's Britain. When she and Nicholas Ridley sat down on day one in Downing Street, they hatched a plan. They were going to destroy the unions, starting with the printers union and ending with the National Union of Miners. People took to the streets to fight as the country was torn to pieces as a Tory government put millions on the dole whilst they fought their phoney wars and put the royals in military uniforms to show us all how "Great" Britain was.

Nothing changes.

Now one of the most evil men to ever set foot in British politics, Iain Duncan-Smith, has his destruction of the welfare state in place. As David Cameron bayonets the NHS at will. The most brutally ironic thing about all this is that it started in Easterhouse. When IDS went there, laughlingly trying to be Prime Minister, he saw the abject poverty people were living in. He saw the desperation and alienation that cloaked people like a Tsunami. He left that scene and far from thinking "I have to help these people" he actually thought "They aren't being punished enough". The Bedroom Tax, this generation's Poll Tax, will create poverty on a scale not seen since the end of World War Two. It was that poverty which saw the creation of a welfare state in Britain, under the stewardship of William Beveridge.

There was a war mentality amongst people then. In that sense that you looked after your neighbour, problems were dealt with "in-house" and you shared what you had. This was a collective of people who had been battered and bombed by Nazi planes and didn't buckle. Whilst their Queen hid in bunkers a mere 10 miles away, the east end of London was being flattened on a nightly basis. Her government eventually told her to sober up, get off her arse and show the people, the people who were being slaughtered every night, that she actually gave a fuck.

This Tory hell we are all living in doesn't come after a war, but it does come after a so-called Labour government had already started the war against the working class, the sick and the poor. It was Gordon Brown who first spoke of a bedroom tax, it was Gordon Brown who oversaw the dismantling of the Disability Living Allownance and it is Ed Milliband who has done sweet fuck all to stop it. The disgraceful abstension in the welfare reform vote by most Labour MP's tells you all you need to know about a party who are doing anything and everything to recapture "Middle England" and to hell with the rest of us. 

Tony Blair, Peter Mandelson and Alastair Campbell created "New" Labour with a view that "the left" had nowhere else to go when voting so no concessions should be made to them and they were right.

Now though, we have somewhere to go.

The most important vote of our lives happens in Sep 2014. We get the chance to rid ourselves, forever, of Tory rule.

Whisper it, a YES vote will be the beginning of the end of The SNP as well.

Scotland is a left wing country. The only issues are people's definition of being left wing, but the heart is there. An independent Scotland will bring elections that will mean if you don't have policies that look after the working class, the poor, the sick, our old people, you will have no chance of getting in.

There will be a token Tory party and the SNP will scuttle around for your votes, but the emergence of proper socialism and the ideals within, is the real prize of independence.

Well that and getting rid of these April fools who are trying to "outThatcher" Thatcher.

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