Tuesday, April 9, 2013

SPL-Self Preservation Lunacy

There was a time in Scottish football when you stopped hearing words like "Fan" and "Supporter" and started hearing words like "Customer". Not a word that any hardcore football fan ever wants to hear yet the SPL have now even gone beyond that level.

I can't think of any other business in the world who would treat the people they need to give them money so shabbily. After stretching out the simple process of confirming five weeks of fixtures longer than a cowboy builder stretches out a conversion, the SPL contrived to piss off almost every fan in Scotland with the fixtures that came out.

First of all, the best day you can promote your product is the day a team wins the trophy you put up. You can roll out all your PR and spin and get all your bigwigs on TV given that it is exactly the sort of game that TV craves. So what do the SPL do? Put a fixture on two days before a game of that nature that could take away any sense of anticipation should Motherwell not win it.

As decisions go, that's up there with Robert Maxwell deciding on a wee boat trip.

Then you have the involvement of said TV.  The strongest argument, in my view, for summer football, is a good 2-3 months you would have where you are not competing with the EPL for TV time slots. The chance to put your football on display in good weather, on good pitches and with proper kick off times seems like the golden goose of anyone running the SPL.


Because what we have now, as Celtic supporters, are five games left, four on a Sunday, and the one on a Saturday being an early kick off just like the Sunday ones. Do the clubs want fans to turn up at these games? Is it part of the strategy to attract folk to actually attend the games? Because I can't see it.

With that being said, Celtic are to be commended for lowering prices for the last two games at Celtic Park to the sensible £20/£5 rate. Please let that be standard next season.

The fans I speak to now, of clubs other than Celtic too, are totally pissed off with the game in Scotland right now. It reeks of incompetence and self preservation as it urges fans to pay EPL prices for football that is of an average to decent standard at best. It further enrages fans that they are asked to show up for ridiculous kick off times because our clubs have been run so badly by many that without the TV money, they'd fold.

There has to be a massive change in the mindset of the game in Scotland because, right now, fans are at the point of no return,

If paying £20 a game meant that I had to watch the likes of Forrest, Watt and McGeoch every week, I'll do it. That is not a hardship for me at all, because I see that as bigger crowds, more vocal support and a team full of guys who would run through a brick wall for Celtic.

I'll sign up for that right now.

What I won't sign up for is another depressing season of crap kick off times, inflated prices and guys in suits talking a lot but saying fuckall.

You want to save this game in Scotland? Give it back to the men and women in the streets.

The ones who made it great in the first place.

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